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Each year, we want to recognize those members whose contributions over the past chapter year have made a lasting impact on our healthcare community. Please ensure you’re on the Georgia Chapter Distribution List as a survey link will be sent out each spring. If you are not currently receiving communications, contact [email protected].

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In 1989 the Awards Committee established a Distinguished Service Award which recognizes an outstanding Chapter member for his/her efforts. Nomination for candidates are based upon the member’s service to the Chapter and are submitted by Chapter members to the Awards committee with the recipient approved by the Board. The recipient must be a member of the Georgia Chapter (with current officers and board members excluded) and can only receive the award once every five years. Members are not eligible to receive both the “Most Valuable Member” and the “Distinguished Service Award” in the same year.

Ann P. Longshore

Healthcare Financial Management Association

The Award is named for one of our most prestigious members, ANN P. LONGSHORE. Ann’s many contributions of time and effort have tremendously aided the growth and success of the Georgia Chapter. Ann served as Chapter President from 1971-1972 and from 1972-1973, the only Chapter member to have served two terms as President. She received all the Founders Awards including the Medal of Honor, was “Most Valuable Member” in 1979 and served many years as Statistical Secretary. Ann’s continued participation and support showed her commitment to the Georgia Chapter.  Ann Longshore passed away in 2004 at the age of 92.

Previous Award Winners

2024Susan Clark
2023Cynamin Kinard
2021-2022Bill Eikost 
2020Laurie Heavey
2019Carol Howard & Jacqueline Stem
2018Monica Agate
2017Ava Bowden
2016Patty Holden
2015Laurence Harris
2014Donna Fincher
2013Susan Singleton
2012Pat Tewalt
2011Brenda Stodghill
2010Donna Casey
2009Susan Waits
2008Jonathan Skaggs & Pat Tewalt

This award is named after Cathy H. Dougherty; one of Georgia’s most respected and committed chapter members, who has served in many committee and officer roles including as President in 2005-2006.  She has been a mentor to many in the healthcare industry who continue to be active and committed to the chapter and the industry.

This award is designed to promote and encourage more mentoring in the chapter.  In addition, it is to recognize persons who have been committed and have demonstrated exceptional ability in guiding professional growth of individuals and advancing the chapter through increased volunteerism. 

The current Awards Chairperson and Cathy H. Dougherty, while willing and able, reviews the submitted nominations and selects a finalist based on information provided in the nomination.  The nomination and evidence provided to present the effectiveness of the nominee will be considered.  Continued excellence throughout the nominee’s career will also be considered.

Previous Award Winners

2024Elizabeth Richards
2023Eric Bergeon
2021-2022John Lloyd
2020Kimberly Farmer
2019Bridget Cutchen
2018Karen Newton
2017Lil Kloock
2016Donna Fincher
2015Bill Eikost
2014Susan P. Clark, CPA
2013Gail Scarboro-Hritz
2012Cathy H. Dougherty

Laurence T. Harris was the Georgia Chapter President for 2020-2021. To say that it might have been the toughest year to be a chapter president is an understatement. He worked hard to keep education and networking going for our membership in what became a virtual world during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The definition of resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. His theme for the year was “Everything will be OK”, he lead the chapter with a ability to pivot to make it all OK for our membership. Chapter leaders realized how important he was to our membership during this time and created this award in his honor.

Previous Award Winners

2024Ashley Hill
2023Kimberly Farmer
2021-2022Elizabeth Richards
2021 Laurence Harris

The President’s Award is a discretionary award selected by the outgoing President and presented at the Spring Institute. The recipient is recognized for the significant impact they have had on that President’s year, including leadership and betterment and growth of the chapter.

The award is named after one of our most prestigious members, Charlie Anderson, who was a member of the American Association of Hospital Accountants before the Georgia Chapter was established and served as one of the Founding Board members that helped create the Georgia Chapter.

Charlie was known for his technical ability and the influence he had in various healthcare issues within the Medicare and Medicaid fields as well as his influence with regard to the UB-16 and UB-82. His influence didn’t end in the technical area, however, since a number of Georgia Chapter leaders later followed in his footsteps (with his encouragement of course) to serve in a National HFMA role. More specifically, Bonnie Phipps (who took over as CFO after Charlie at DeKalb Medical Center) obtained the same high position – National Chairman of the Board of HFMA – that Charlie had held 22 years before!

Charlie Anderson worked as a Chief Financial Officer for many years at DeKalb Medical Center until he retired. Upon his death, with his wife Annie’s approval, the Chapter approved an award in his honor to memorialize the hard work, dedication and leadership Charlie provided to establish the framework upon which the Chapter’s success now continues.

Previous Award Winners

2024Kris Seymour & Ashley Hill & Jasmyn Patmon & Jose Ajanel
2023Laurie Heavey & Cynamin Kinard
2021-2022Adam Gobin & Bridget Cutchen
2020Susan Clark & Laurence Harris
2019Donna Fincher & Bridget Cutchen
2018Karen Newton & Jonathan Skaggs
2017Cathy Dougherty & Elizabeth Richards & Stephen Ross
2016Donna Fincher & Stephen Ross & Laurence Harris
2015Karen Newton & Laurence Harris
2014  Karen Newton
2013Bill Eikost & Terri Tillery
2012Bridget Cutchen & Pat Tewalt
2011Cathy H. Dougherty & Roxann Arnold
2010Bridget Cutchen & Melanie McMaster & Susan Clark & Terri Tillery
2009Carmen Sessoms & Gail Hritz & Jonathan Skaggs
2008Jim Piper & Karen Newton

The award is named after another one of our most prestigious members, Sister Rose Margaret Schweers, who after serving on various committees and Board/Officer positions became Georgia Chapter President in 1965-1966. Accolades and honors continued to be bestowed on Sister Rose Margaret through the years. She was also the recipient of all Founders Awards, the Medal of Honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Sister Rose was a Lifetime Member of the Georgia Chapter of HFMA.

Sister Rose Margaret was a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and served the order faithfully for many years. Sister has been a teacher, but the majority of her career has been in healthcare finance. Except for a brief stint in Kansas City, Sister has concentrated her mission primarily at St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta, GA. She worked at the hospital in a number of capacities, including Foundation Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Sister worked as the hospital historian until she retired at the young age of 90, and moved to the convent in St. Louis, MO. Sister Rose passed away in 2009, but we are all grateful for her many years of valuable service and the legacy she left behind for the Georgia Chapter.

Lee Evins, President of the Georgia Chapter 1998-1999, had the honor of recommending to the Board that the Most Valuable Member Award be renamed the Sister Rose Margaret Schweers Most Valuable Member Award. The Board heartily agreed and voted unanimously for the renaming of the award.

This award demonstrates outstanding leadership and contributions for the betterment and growth of the Georgia Chapter.

Previous Award Winners

2024Michelle Whitehead
2023Patty Holden
2021-2022Matt Alford
2021-2022Patty Holden
2020Chris Byrd
2019Laura Holland
2018Brett Rose
2017Elizabeth Richards
2016Laurence Harris
2015Donna Fincher
2014Kim Whitley
2013Nikki Porter
2012Susan Clark, CPA
2011Steve Gunter
2010Laurence Harris
2009Susan Singleton
2008Kimberly Farmer

This award is presented to the most valuable new member of the Georgia Chapter for outstanding contributions for the betterment and growth of the chapter by a new member. We value those who immediately seek to make a positive impact on our community and encourage all New Members to get involved with TEAMS.

Previous Award Winners

2024Latrenda Dumas
2023Robin King
2021-2022Ashley Hill
2020 Kerri Bennett & Ally Prigden
2019Duane Kennedy
2018Matt Fisher
2017Max Davies
2016Monica Agate
2015Laura Holland
2014Carol Ann Rector
2013Brooke Fritz
2012Justin Roepe & Lori Lipocky
2011Ricky Wainscott
2010Mike Lenahen
2008Elizabeth Richards

The Georgia Chapter invites students pursuing a career in healthcare financial management to apply for the $1,500.00 annual O.J. Booker Scholarship Award. Nominees for the scholarship are selected from among students of the highest academic standing in the financial fields who expect to enter the healthcare financial management industry.

The O.J. Booker Scholarship Award was established as a continuing memorial to Mr. Booker, a long-time HFMA member of the Georgia Chapter for over 30 years who passed away in 1987. Born in Rome, Georgia, on July 9, 1921, Mr. Booker graduated from the Carroll Lynn Business College and held a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the Walton School of Commerce, Chicago, IL and graduated from the Georgia State College with a degree in Hospital Personnel Administration. O.J. Booker was President of the Georgia Chapter (1966-67), during the time that the Chapter had 100 members and the organization was called the American Association of Hospital Accountants. The year after O.J.’s presidency, the organization’s name was changed to the Hospital Financial Management Association – a time when the hot educational topic was “What is Medicare?”! Mr. Booker was a War World II veteran and also served as a past president of the Rotary and Toastmaster clubs of Warm Springs, Georgia. He worked with Haskins & Sells, a precursor to Deloitte Touche, and retired from his position as an Assistant Administrator/Director of Fiscal Services for the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon, Georgia.

Colleagues remember him as a highly effective manager who always encouraged employees to further their education and enrich themselves as well as become a highly involved and dedicated member of the Georgia Chapter. Additionally, Mr. Booker will be remembered for his keen sense of humor and for his work as a mentor to many in the Chapter. O.J. Booker is survived by his son, O.J. Booker III, who is now serving as an administrator at Bacon County Hospital in Alma, Georgia, and who also has previously been an active member of the Georgia Chapter.

The $1,500 award is designed to help a member of HFMA in their educational endeavors, and as a Chapter, we are proud to support the advancement of the Oliver J. Booker, Jr. tradition of education. Nominations can be made by any member of the chapter. Nominations should include name, address, and phone number, place of employment, HFMA member or relationship, degree/program pursuing, college/school, and reason for nomination.

Previous Award Winners

2024Gavin Blocker
2023Allison Bergeon
2022McKenzie Agate
2021Emily Bergeon
2020Kristin Cox & Russell Cox
2019Hannah Phillips
2018Maddie Maddox
2017Charles “Quin” Wright
2016Becky Sanders
2015Carol Ann Rector
2014Jenna Gray
2013Alexa Dougherty
2012Daniel Hughes
2011Jason Black
2010Michelle Bright
2009Lisa Kimberly
2008Alexa Dougherty

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– Monica Agate, Chapter President 2024-2025