About Georgia Chapter

Critical Goals

  • Goal 1 – Provide Quality Education
  • Goal 2 – Determine and Pursue Future Membership
  • Goal 3 – Promote Participation

Strategy 1: Educational Content
The Georgia Chapter will redesign its educational efforts by revamping promotional material, moving Institute formats to clear educational tracks, securing recognized speakers, and offering regional workshop education. The Education Council and the Forums Council will be responsible for implementing these changes.

Strategy 2: Educational Venues
The Georgia Chapter will expand educational venues from traditional classroom education to utilization of webinar technology. A Webinar Chairperson will be instituted to assist the development and utilization of this delivery method. The Webinar Chairperson will report to the Forums Council.

Strategy 3: Future Membership
The Georgia Chapter will target future members through the development of a Marketing Plan and an Outreach Plan approved by the Board of Directors. The Public Relations Committee & the Outreach Committee will develop these plans as part of their annual deliverables. The Outreach Committee will focus on membership relationships and recruitment from non-hospital providers such as home health, skilled nursing, and durable medical equipment. while continuing its partnership with colleges and universities.

Strategy 4: Corporate Sponsors
The Georgia Chapter will continue to explore various means to expand the marketing opportunities that are provided as a benefit of corporate sponsorship. The Georgia Chapter will solicit feedback from corporate sponsors via special surveys and open forum sessions with the sponsors. The Corporate Sponsorship Steering Committee will be responsible for the development and oversight of Corporate Sponsorship activities.

Strategy 5: Value Awareness (ROI)
The Georgia Chapter will develop and market information specifically addressing the value of membership in our organization and disseminate this information to members, non-members, employer organizations, and universities and colleges. The Public Relations Committee will assist the Board of Directors in developing this material and will be responsible for its appropriate dissemination.

Strategy 6: Provider Participation
The Georgia Chapter will develop a Recruitment Plan and a Participation Plan to target increased participation by members & non-members from the provider community. The Recruitment Committee and the Retention Committee will be responsible for implementing these plans which will include personal contact with potential provider members and current members who are not members or who are not actively participating. The Certification Committee will work closely with the Recruitment Committee to increase provider participation through personal development.

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– Adam Gobin, Chapter President 2023-2024