Georgia Sponsorships

The Georgia Chapter would like to thank those organizations that continue to sponsor our chapter. It’s with your continued commitment to our chapter that allows us to have the success we have achieved over the years. We appreciate your support and want you to know that we could not do it without you.

To Our Chapter Sponsors, The Board of Directors of the Georgia Chapter of HFMA hope this message finds you well. Our history as a chapter has proved that we have always been able to overcome any obstacles we have faced, and we will continue to persevere as we move into the new year. With the leadership of our Board of Directors and President, we are focused to “Disrupt the Disruption” that the last two years has put upon us.

As we pivot into the new 2024-25 year, we invite you to participate in our Corporate Sponsorship Program. We need your support and couldn’t be successful without it. The corporate sponsorship program provides the funds for us to organize events that provide quality education and networking opportunities for both our providers and business partners. Our goal this year is to operate business as usual while adapting to the changes / obstacles we face. In addition to the traditional Gold/Silver/Bronze levels and benefits (see details below), we will continue to offer ‘a la carte’ opportunities which was a great success for you and our chapter last year. This year we have created a “DIAMOND” level sponsorship that provides added benefits for you and your organization to gain exposure within the chapter throughout the year.

Our chapter leadership is committed to ensuring provider engagement throughout the upcoming year. To that end we have budgeted an unprecedented amount (>$35,000) in this year’s budget to pay for provider scholarships and will then give priority to chapter sponsors for any limited capacity events. We thank you for your continuous commitment to our chapter and look forward to your support again this year.

Warmest regards,

Monica Agate – Chapter President
[email protected]

Matt Fisher – Treasurer/Sponsorship
[email protected]

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Gold Sponsors


Aspirion is a full-service revenue cycle management (RCM) company founded in 2006 that specializes exclusively in complex claims and denials. spirion has one of the largest and most highly trained teams of investigators, specialists, clinicians, coders and attorneys. We work together to make our clients better.

Services include:

  • Complex claims (Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)-Third-party liability (TPL), Workers’ Compensation, Veterans Administration, and Out-of-State Medicaid)
  • Revenue integrity (Denials Management and Prevention, Underpayments Recovery, and Aged AR)


Curae is a healthcare focused financial technology company that provides access to flexible patient payment options. The organization offers a simple and smart healthcare financing solution that offers affordable monthly payments to a wide credit spectrum.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Payments
  • Financial Clearance
  • Patient Advocacy


EnableComp is the full-service provider of complex claims revenue solutions that manages the entire life of a claim from verifying the payer to sending the bill electronically via our proprietary e-billing platform to appealing any underpayments.

Services include:

  • Managed Care Products/Services
  • Workers’ Compensation Reimbursement
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Veterans Administration
  • Motor Vehicle Accident/Third Party Liability
  • Denials/Safety Net Services


HBCS combines virtual patient registration, comprehensive insurance reimbursement, and patient account resolution services with consultative support to deliver innovative solutions for the evolving revenue cycle landscape. Their service-focused team has a proven track record of optimizing total reimbursement, reducing bad debt expense, and ensuring a positive patient financial experience.

Services include:

  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Reimbursement
  • Patient Account Resolution

Health Care Program Advisors

Health Care Program Advisors is a boutique healthcare management consulting firm based in the greater Atlanta area. They assist healthcare providers in enhancing operational, clinical and financial performance by acting as a trusted advisor and partner to many of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals and health systems.

Services include:

  • Information Systems
  • Performance Excellence
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics  

Hollis Cobb Associates, Inc.

Hollis Cobb Associates, Inc. is a revenue cycle solutions company founded in 1977 by Hollis L. Cobb following his twenty-eight years of experience in the credit and collection industry.  We provide early out and bad debt collections services, as well as insurance follow-up, A/R work down, special projects, and other business office functions such as pre-certification, pre-registration, customer service, and staffing for hospitals and large physicians’ groups.

Services include:

  • Front End Solutions
  • Bad Debt Solutions
  • Active Accounts Receivable Solutions
  • Other Solutions


Nemadji’s mission is to help healthcare providers prosper and meet their objectives by developing and delivering innovative solutions. Nemadji’s proprietary product is an efficient and highly accurate data-mining system that could constantly evolve to meet individual client needs.

Services include:

  • Eligibility Detection


R1 helps healthcare systems maximize outcomes in a complex financial world. by delivering actionable insights across the revenue cycle, helping providers boost productivity and increase revenue.

Services include:

  • Acceleration Suite to fast-track cash with proprietary technology backed by unmatched experience in aged, complex, and clinically challenged claims and denials
  • Optimization Suite to capture missed or underpaid revenue across the entire revenue cycle
  • Government Navigation Suite to optimize government reimbursement accuracy, maximize pharmacy savings, and ensure compliance
  • Automation Suite to address challenges of overburdening repetitive tasks resulting in data errors and lost revenue


Revecore, is a leading provider of (i) revenue integrity solutions for underpayments and denial prevention and (ii) complex claims reimbursement solutions for motor vehicle accident, workers’ compensation and Veterans Affairs claims. Revecore serves nearly 1,200 hospitals across the country in 45 states, offering hospitals and health systems over two decades of unrivaled technology and expert insight into the most challenging areas of revenue cycle to ensure they are appropriately reimbursed for the care they provide.

Services include:

  • Identifying, recovering, and preventing underpayments and denials
  • Support for commercial and government payers
  • Securing accurate reimbursement for Motor Vehicle and Workers’ Compensation accidents and Veterans Affairs Claims

Silver Sponsors

Bank of America

Bank of America’s suite of healthcare financial solutions work together to create a seamless and efficient experience for both healthcare clients and their patients. From easily capturing payment at registration to providing unmatched flexibility and security at multi-party reconciliation, Bank of America is there every step of the way to help you more effectively manage your revenue cycle.

Elevate Patient Financial Solutions®

With teams of tenured industry experts, Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® simplifies the most complex challenges of the revenue cycle. We create a customized strategy with mutually agreed upon success metrics for each client, ensuring maximum speed to value.

Services include:

  • Eligibility and Enrollment Services
  • Self-pay/Early Out
  • Complex Claims
  • Accounts Receivables

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau is dedicated to serving clients and consumers in a professional and courteous manner. They offer a wide variety of services to clients and extensive training for our employees.

Services include:

  • Third Party Debt Collection
  • Early Out Programs
  • Extended Business Office Services
  • Payment Monitoring
  • Insurance Appeals and Rebilling
  • Probate Claim Processing
  • Clean Up Projects
  • Accounts Receivable Management Consulting
  • Compliance Training and Consulting

Healthcare Consulting Team

Healthcare Consulting Team is a consulting company that offers services to the healthcare industry. Our consultants are experts in revenue cycle management and HCT strives to pair them with facilities needing their expertise.

Services include:

  • Consultants who are proven healthcare executives with a focus on building best-in-class, patient-centered care facilities in collaboration with practitioners.

J.P. Morgan Payments

J.P. Morgan Payments believes that no matter where your business falls on the care continuum, better payments can help healthcare companies deliver better care by creating connections within a complex healthcare ecosystem.

Medlytix LLC

Medlytix LLC is a healthcare consulting and technology company specializing in the field of predictive analytics. Utilizing sophisticated data mining and scoring strategies, the company has successfully enhanced revenue cycles and collections for leading hospitals and healthcare providers across the country.

Services include:

  • Insurance Identification and COB
  • Deductible Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics


Nym is reducing the costly administrative burden faced by healthcare providers across the US by automating the medical coding process via an interdisciplinary team of physicians, computational linguists, mathematicians, engineers, medical coders and more.

Services include:

  • Autonomous coding
  • Audit-ready traceable documentation
  • Customized dashboards for analytics
  • Seamless integration
  • Industry-defined security requirements

RevSpring Inc.

RevSpring transforms complex financial journeys into intuitive financial pathways by understanding human, historical, and fiscal context. Through data-driven insight, RevSpring designs, analyzes, and improves communications and billing solutions that increase consumer engagement and payment rates.

Services include:

  • Patient Communications – Print & Digital
  • Patient Payments
  • OmniChannel Engagement
  • Pre-Service Engagement and Intake
  • Analytics Insight
  • Merchant Processing


For over 75 years, Wakefield has been developing long-term quality partnerships in the medical recovery services industry. We customize the specific needs and requirements of our clients through continuous improvement by identifying and staying apprised of their progressing requirements. Services include:

  • Insurance
  • Lost Revenue Recovery
  • Self-Pay & Customer Service
  • Bad Debt & Purchasing Dept

Bronze Sponsors


AccessOne, a leading healthcare fintech company, partners with providers to provide consumer centric payment tools for the modern patient. From pay-in-full to extended repayment plans, our mobile-native pathways make understanding and paying medical bills easy and affordable.

Services include:

  • AccessOne Pay
  • MobilePay
  • Choice Repayments
  • Flex Repayments

Altum Healthcare Solutions

Altum Healthcare Solutions is a revenue cycle management firm focused on developing customized solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers. Altum is uniquely positioned to transform the RCM experience while driving innovation, optimization, and profitability.

Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Complete RCM
  • Eligibility Seconds
  • Insurance Denial
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Insurance Follow Up
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Back-End Eligibility Detection (Scrub)

Cleverley + Associates

Cleverley + Associates is the trusted leader in hospital pricing solutions. We provide independent, objective consulting to hospitals and organizations serving the healthcare industry. Cleverley + Associates’​ goal is to enhance the financial performance of hospitals with quality benchmarking and consultative services to in financial, operating, and clinical areas. We’re experts on data interpretations, pricing transparency, and revenue efficiency.

FFAM360 Staffing

In today’s global information-age, big data and predictive analytics are not only affecting the way organizations manage their customers or operations, they are also changing the way they search and retain top talent. At FFAM360 Staffing, we are revolutionizing the talent acquisition lifecycle using proprietary and analytically acute methods in order to search, identify, and screen candidates for our clients.

Services include:

  • Traditional Temporary Staffing
  • Remote-Temporary Staffing
  • Temp-to-Hire Opportunities
  • Direct Hire 
  • Project Resolution – Remote or On-Site
  • Interim Management Partnerships


Healthy margins are critical to delivering your provider organization’s mission and vision. FORVIS advisors aim to help clients produce sustainable results by working to identify opportunities and helping management as they implement performance improvement initiatives.

Services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • Cost Management
  • Payor Strategies & Solutions
  • Clinical & Operational Excellence
  • CDI & Coding Compliance
  • Digital Solutions

HSI Financial Services, LLC (HSI)

HSI Financial Services, LLC (HSI) is a subsidiary of Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc., and was created in 1983 as members’ first shared services initiative. Offering a full range of revenue cycle management solutions, HSI strives to provide superior service and financial value for its clients.

Services include:

  • Self-Pay
  • Third-Party Follow Up
  • Presumptive Charity
  • Payment Plan Monitoring
  • Bad Debt Collections & Legal Services

KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care

Leveraging a patient-care approach, KeyBridge is transforming the patient billing experience.  We have pioneered a truly patient-first approach—coupling uncommonly trained patient advocates with custom technology and data-driven processes designed to help patients pay their balances.  We are 100% focused on healthcare—servicing providers, hospitals, physician groups, and other medical specialties.

Services include:

  • Early Out Patient Balance Recovery
  • Medical Bad Debt Recovery
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Knowtion Health

In a world where the balance of power has favored the payers and the rules of determining coverage and the processing of claims has grown complex, someone had to find a way to give providers and patients more control over their destiny to get denied and complex claims resolved.

Services include:

  • COB & Patient Involvement Denials
  • Clinical Denials
  • Low Balance Recovery
  • Complex Claims (MVA,TPL,Work Comp)
  • VA Claims Recovery
  • Payer Audit Defense


MDS is an established and trusted partner in healthcare receivables management. Their proprietary system provides excellent flexibility to integrate with all forms of hospital patient account system.

Services include:

  • Text & Pay Solutions
  • Extended Business Solutions
  • Primary & Secondary Collections
  • System Conversion Assistance
  • Accelerate Management Solutions


Navigating the nuances and cyclical nature of the healthcare revenue cycle can be a complex process & finding the highly skilled and sought-after personnel needed to keep pace with the work can be even more challenging. TEKsystems provides access to certified professionals who understand the intricacies of your business and industry as a critical business advantage.

Services include:

  • Medical Billers (hospital, physician, and clinic)
  • Medical Coders (multispecialty, inpatient and outpatient)
  • Medical Schedulers
  • Patient Access Reps
  • Credentialing Specialist
  • Prior Authorizations Reps
  • And more!


UCB has been developing customized and flexible services and solutions tailored to the needs of their clients. UCB has grown into a dedicated, knowledgeable agency operating on their founding principles of a family-owned company with a national presence.

Services include:

  • Patient Access Services
  • Eligibility Assistance Programs
  • Presumptive Charity Program
  • Propensity to Pay Analytics
  • Early-Out/Self-Pay Collections
  • Insurance Follow-Up
  • Bad Debt Recovery

Xtend Healthcare

Xtend Healthcare enhances the financial success of their customers by delivering innovative solutions and insights with compassion and personalized service. Areas of expertise includes customer service solutions for both private sector healthcare providers and public health authorities.

Services include:

  • Full outsourcing solution
  • Front: Streamline patient access processes
  • Middle: Enhancement of revenue integrity
  • Back: Manage claims and minimize aged A/R
  • Solutions for physician practices

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– Monica Agate, Chapter President 2024-2025