President's Welcome

Dear Michigan Great Lakes Member,

Thank you for visiting our site and for your continued support and interest in the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter of HFMA. Now that we are in our third year as one state-wide chapter, we are hitting our stride. The last few years have been challenging, and your volunteer Chapter Board has worked tirelessly to continue to ensure that our Chapter provides quality educational events, impactful networking events, and value to all our members - provider and business partners. We are excited for what the coming year has to offer. Note that our officers/board members (see listing below) are all committed to ensuring that you receive all that HFMA has to offer.

In April, the local Chapter Board attended the HFMA Leadership Training Conference (LTC) in Phoenix. At LTC, the 2022-2023 theme was unveiled, ‘Ignite the Spark’. The analogy provided by incoming HFMA National Chair (Aaron Crane) was that wildfires often start small, but build incredible speed and scale when they start to burn the smaller tinder on the forest floor. The parallel to healthcare, as Aaron suggests, is that we all have these smaller ‘forest floor’ items in our organizations that are often overlooked as not being useful. However, it is this small area that we can look to provide incremental value, and when multiplied across many organizations the result can be profound.

For this year, our Board set the following priorities:

  1. Improve communication to members
  2. Improve access to educational/networking events for all members (regardless of geography)
  3. Increase committee member/volunteer engagement

The 2022-2023 Chapter Officers & Board Members elected by our members (in spring of 2022):

  • Josh Richards, President
  • Ariana Raymond, President Elect
  • Michael Felczak, Vice President
  • Jason Williams, Past President
  • Nancy Smith, Treasurer
  • Hayley Koetje, Secretary
  • Heather Velaga, Director
  • Tom Matonican, Director
  • Bill Bollinger, Director
  • Christina Wong, Director

These newly elected individuals join the following individuals who will be completing their second year of their two-year term during the 2022-2023 Chapter year.

  • Nancy Rocker, Director
  • Courtney Guernsey, Director
  • Doug Banks, Director
  • Nichole Niesen, Director

Please check out our “Events” page for upcoming events. 

If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit our “Volunteer Opportunities” page.    

Again, thank you for your interest in the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter of HFMA. On behalf of all the officers/board members, I wanted to take a moment to thank you, our members, for your continued membership and engagement. 

Here's to Igniting the Spark,

Josh Richards

President, Michigan Great Lakes HFMA

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