Southwestern Ohio Chapter

President’s Message

Welcome Southwestern Ohio chapter members! I look forward to serving as your chapter president this year. Thank you to our corporate sponsors, chapter officers and board members, and membership that each contribute to the success of our chapter on an annual basis. Our chapter remains focused on adapting to change as we continue to navigate daily challenges presented by our careers, life outside of the workplace, and the pandemic. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your HFMA membership while having fun along the way.

My time with the Southwestern Ohio chapter started back in 2015 by assisting the current treasurer with a small project. At the time, I did not consider what opportunities would come from this project or how it would shape me professionally or personally; however, as I look back, this small project allowed me the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities within the chapter, build my network, and grow as a leader in healthcare finance. I believe this story is a great example of this year’s theme set by our National Chair, Aaron Crane – Ignite the Spark. Whether it is stepping out of your comfort zone to volunteer for a chapter committee, collaborating with your colleagues on a project, or incorporating one small change to your daily life, it is clear that something small can turn into something big with a positive attitude, the right amount of energy, and collaboration.

The website and LinkedIn page have additional information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and other chapter information. On behalf of the officers and board members of the Southwestern Ohio chapter, I thank you again for your continued support and engagement with our chapter and look forward to you igniting the spark!

Andrew Gentzkow

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