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Staff Accountant-Hybrid
Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center
Hallock, MN 
Full Time

Posted 9/26/2022

Job Summary:

The Staff Accountant is responsible for activities pertaining to financial and general accounting, patient accounting, and statistical reporting and analysis.

Experience & Skills:

  1. Three to five years of general healthcare accounting and financial experience preferred.
  2. Must be able to calculate numbers with accuracy, using a large volume of figures.
  3. Must have good typing and computer skills, and be able to use a Ten-key adding machine with accuracy and speed.
  4.  Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing. 

Education & Training:

  1. An education in Accounting/ Finance and/or Business Administration from an accredited college or university preferred.
  2. Strong analytical skills necessary as well as working knowledge of computer systems and accounting/ finance software.
  3. Must be able to demonstrate or substantiate knowledge in accounting/ finance principles and applications. 

Special Skills:

  1. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.
  2. Must be able to function independently, be flexible-time wise, and have the ability to work effectively as a team member when the opportunity arises.
  3. Must have a broad and comprehensive understanding of the audit process and programs. 


  1. Works daily on Lawson and One Report in order to check for errors in codes.
  2. Reconciles all accounts within the GL each month, and makes the necessary JE to fix if necessary.
  3. Record all manual checks and cafeteria report data into Quicken.
  4. Code invoices and return to AP as needed.
  5. Creates and sends out revenue/expense reports to director’s/dept. heads on monthly basis.
  6. Works with the Foundation to deposit and track all foundation donations on proper spreadsheets.
  7. Prepare monthly financial reports for Foundation meetings.
  8. Assists in supplying information for annual report of Foundation.
  9. Deposits all donation checks received to proper bank accounts and records on corresponding spreadsheets. 
  10. Deposits monies and records expenses for Friday Night Live into correct bank accounts and spreadsheet.
  11. Deposits Dollar Store money brought from Activities on monthly basis and records on spreadsheets.
  12. Figures sales tax and submits payment for sales tax on MN Revenue website quarterly.
  13. Coordinates month-end closure