Texas Gulf Coast Past Events

Meeting Presentations and CPE Certificates

In support of HFMA’s efforts to minimize paper waste, become more environmentally- friendly, decrease costs, and provide the most up to date session information to all participants, meeting and session handouts will no longer be available at the meetings. Presentations will be provided for download on our website following each meeting and for a reasonable period of time thereafter.

To access your CPE Certificate, click the link below the  meeting attended and print your Certificate (alphabetical by last name). CPE’s are awarded based on your signature on the sign in sheet, checking in electronically, or through the time stamp from logging in to a webinar. 

September 14-15, 2023 Summer Conference

230901: Physician Practice Alignment and Collaboration

230902: Unprecedented Texas Legislative Session 2023

230903: Strategies to retain coverage during Medicaid Redetermination

230904: Interplay of the Federal No Surprises Act and Texas State Specific Balance Billing Law

230905: What Does a Patient Truly mean to the Healthcare Industry?

230906: 340B Drug Program | Threats and Reimbursement Concerns

230908: Optimizing Patient Access

2023 Summer Conference Certificates

February 23-24, 2023 Winter Conference

230201 and 230202 Enhancing the Patient Experience

230203 “Quiet Chaos”: Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

230204 Data Driven Revenue

230205 The Stages of Leadership Growth & Development

230206 WHO’s Your WHO?

230207 Hiring and Retaining Talent in a Competitive Market

2023 Winter Conference Certificates

September 15-16, 2022 Summer Conference

220901 Healthcare in prisons

220902 Tax issues in healthcare M&A transactions

220903 Tackling the Complexities of Value-Based Physician Compensation

220906 Unintended Consequences

220907 Labor and productivity tracking

220908 “Core vs. Chore” and Solving for Clinician Workflow Bottlenecks

220909 Navigating Complex Claims is No Accident

2022 Summer Conference Certificates