Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle

HFMA June 16, 2022

Utilization review staff may be hurting results when fixing incorrect inpatient admissions

There's a clear financial winner when choosing a method for correcting an incorrect inpatient admission.

Ronald Hirsch, MD June 9, 2022

Revenue Cycle Insights: May 2022

No Surprises Act implementation continues. Though arbitration cases are expected to be addressed in a slow fashion at first, there may be some related regulatory changes that favor providers, Nick Hut reports.

HFMA May 11, 2022

Revenue Cycle Insights: March 2022

Workforce shortages are affecting revenue cycle functions, and you can learn how executives from Spectrum Health and Stanford Health Care are limiting the damage in the lead story of March's Revenue Cycle Insights.

Paul Barr, MS, MBA March 11, 2022

To patients, the financial experience isn’t separate from the clinical one. Here’s how to leave them with a good lasting impression.

Listen to the podcast. On a recent episode of the Voices in Healthcare Finance podcast, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer spoke with Jason Wolf, president and CEO of The Beryl Institute, about the continued importance of keeping the human experience front and center in organizational strategy. Wolf will speak on this topic at HFMA’s…

Erika Grotto March 1, 2022

Revenue Cycle Insights: February 2022

This month's issue leads off with the news that the federal government is taking a look at provider billing in the COVID era through audits by the Office of Inspector General.

HFMA February 15, 2022

Cost-Reduction Strategies Boost, Sustain Recovery

Persistent pandemic conditions are forcing hospitals and health systems to stretch their thinking as they set strategic goals. They are adjusting to managing fluctuating levels of care along with addressing shifts in payer mix, consumers’ demands and increasing cost pressures. These changes, combined with the challenge of inconsistent patient volumes, is putting unprecedented financial pressures…

HFMA February 4, 2022

Optimizing the revenue cycle by streamlining and automating payment collections

Nine healthcare finance professionals dive into strategies to help entities evolve to meet challenges faced by providers and payers in finding qualified employees in today’s workforce.

HFMA February 3, 2022

Revenue Cycle Insights: January 2022

January's issue of Revenue Cycle Insights includes a lot on what's happening with the new surprise billing regulations.

Conifer Health Solutions February 1, 2022

Patients have access to more information than ever. Why aren’t we talking to them about it?

Listen to the podcast. The Information Blocking Final Rule from the 21st Century Cures Act and federal transparency initiatives like the No Surprises Act have given patients more access to information than they’ve ever had before. On a recent episode of the Voices in Healthcare Finance podcast, Terry Hush, CEO of Roji Health Intelligence, discussed…

Erika Grotto February 1, 2022
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