Operations Management

How a Ride-Sharing Program Drives Better Patient Experiences

CareMore’s Scott Rinefort describes a ride-sharing partnership that has boosted patient satisfaction with the organization’s nonemergency medical transportation services.

Scott Rinefort February 9, 2017

The Hospital’s Expanding Authority over Authorizations: The Good, the Bad and the Reality

Heather Kawamoto underscores the need for hospitals to improve on the slow manual process of requesting authorizations as they take on this responsibility.

Heather Kawamoto February 8, 2017

Reducing Hospital Acquired Conditions Saved $28B in 5 Years

Government estimates show a 21 percent decrease in hospital-acquired conditions during a five-year period.

HFMA February 6, 2017

A Strategy to Reduce Costly COPD Readmission Penalties

Teaching patients to manage COPD as a chronic disease—rather than an acute condition—can help reduce costly hospitalizations from flare-ups.

Brian Tiep, MD February 6, 2017

Combining Data Across Care Sites Specialties and Provider Types for More Complete Cost Accounting

Adding professional services data to department-level costs can help hospital leaders understand all relevant costs in an increasingly value-focused environment.

Dan Seargeant, DrPH February 6, 2017

NYU Langone Medical Center Achieves Cost Reductions Through Rehab Fine Tuning

Early mobilization and other strategies cut length of stay, acute rehab utilization, and post-acute costs. The medical center’s ICU project alone yields $1.5 million in savings.

Robert Fojut February 6, 2017

How DCH Health System Tackled Clinical Variation to Reduce Costs

By engaging clinicians in efforts to reduce clinical variation, one regional health system has transformed the way finance leaders and physicians work together.

Lorraine Yehlen, MA, BSN, RN February 6, 2017

Three Rivers Health Uses Analytics to Accomplish Financial Turnaround

A rural Michigan hospital regained its financial footing after integrating disparate financial systems into one platform and leveraging new analytics tools to lead process improvement efforts.

Kelley Smith, RN, MPH February 6, 2017

Augusta University Health System Leverages Decision Support for Costing and Planning

By integrating case cost data with financial data in their decision support system, the health system can now gain a clear picture of the true cost of a single patient case.

Laura Ramos Hegwer February 6, 2017

Financial-Clinical Integration in 2017

Advisory Board’s John Johnston discusses the significant margin implications of care redesign initiatives—and the importance of financial and clinical teams working in tandem.

John Johnston January 31, 2017
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