Operations Management

The New, No-Norm World of Health Care

Reforms and trends in health care are causing healthcare organizations to look at their clinical and financial operations in a different light.

Joe Van De Graaff March 3, 2017

The Dangers of “Downcoding” in Emergency Medicine

Kenneth J. Heinrich discusses how “routine emergencies” can result in lost revenue due to incomplete documentation.

Kenneth J. Heinrich February 23, 2017

Addressing Social Determinants of Health: A State Initiative

The Vermont Blueprint for Health is a state-government program that integrates health care with social services with the goal of improving outcomes and controlling costs for patients with chronic conditions.

Karen Handmaker February 21, 2017

Incorporating Social Determinants Into Population Health Management

To be able to consistently deliver high-value care for patients with chronic illnesses, healthcare providers must address the social determinants of health that can affect health quality for such patients.

Karen Handmaker February 21, 2017

The Promise of Behavioral Economics for Health

David A. Asch discusses the effects of behavioral economics on healthcare efforts.

David A. Asch February 20, 2017

New Models Redefine Primary Care

CPC+ is among the advanced primary care initiatives that encourage providers to enhance their approach to health care in a way that boosts quality and patient engagement.

Karen Wagner February 20, 2017

Trending Solutions for Rising Drug Prices

Understanding the efficacy of high-cost drug across large patient populations will help providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to understand the value of certain drugs and offer patients their life-saving value.

bett February 16, 2017

Ask the Experts: Revenue Cycle Metrics

Do you have data on top decile and 50th percentile performance for revenue cycle metrics?

HFMA February 16, 2017

Don’t Triage Transformation

Charleston Area Medical Center Health System and Texas Health Resources are two of the most process-literate health systems in the country today, having dramatically redesigned their leadership and operations to prepare for value and improved performance over several years.

Kate Goonan February 14, 2017

Managing the Ethical Aspects of MACRA

Value is the key driver and organizing principle of MACRA and MIPS. Therefore, it is critical to define value from the view of different healthcare stakeholders.

William Marty Martin February 14, 2017
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