Revenue Cycle

Examples of Price Transparency Tools

A number of health plans, provider organizations, state hospital associations, and other groups have already developed transparency tools.

HFMA April 11, 2014

Price Transparency in Health Care: Highlights from the Task Force Report

Convened by HFMA, a task force made up of health plans, providers, consumers, employer groups, physician groups, and others has released guiding principles and recommendations for improving price transparency in health care.

HFMA April 10, 2014

Forum Webinar: Revisiting Charity Care Policies

During this March 18 Forum networking webinar, three speakers shared how the expansion of Medicaid, the rollout of the insurance exchanges, and the increase in patient out-of-pocket expenses is causing hospitals and other providers to revisit their charity care policies.

HFMA March 20, 2014

Ask the Expert: Staffing Benchmarks

I am looking for staffing benchmarks for the Patient Accounting area: number of accounts/per FTE and number of hours per account

HFMA March 19, 2014

Medical Account Resolution Best Practices

Recommendations crafted by HFMA's Medical Debt Task Force are intended to improve the medical account resolution process for patients and providers alike. The best practices provide guidance on resolving financial obligations before, during, and after a patient visits a hospital or other healthcare setting.

HFMA January 14, 2014

HFMA Medical Debt Task Force

HFMA partnered with ACA International and gathered a task force of stakeholders to establish best practices for the fair resolution of patients' medical bills. The stakeholders represented include a diverse group of providers, consumer advocates, collections agencies, and credit bureaus.

HFMA January 14, 2014

HFMA Comment Letter: CMS Should Test the Readiness for ICD-10 Implementation

HFMA urges CMS to undertake a comprehensive approach to testing the readiness of the Medicare contractors and state Medicaid agencies for the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 implementation.

HFMA January 10, 2014

HFMA Executive Survey: Clinical Documentation Meets Financial Performance

In this survey of hospital CFOs and other senior-level executives, HFMA researchers share industry views on areas of CDI priority, opportunity, common barriers, and use of outsourcing to support more accurate and complete documentation and charge capture.

HFMA October 30, 2013

Communications Best Practices Measurement Criteria

These measurement criteria are based on the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices.

HFMA October 23, 2013

Best Practices for Communications in All Settings

This section of the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices addresses communication for all settings.

HFMA October 23, 2013
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