Revenue Cycle

Best Practices for Communications in the Emergency Department

This section of the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices addresses communication in the emergency department.

HFMA October 14, 2013

Forum Webinar: Effectively Using KPIs to Measure and Improve Revenue Cycle Performance

The session included a case study and sample tools from OhioHealth.

HFMA September 23, 2013

When and How ERISA Can Protect Providers in an Audit Situation

Here are some specifics providers should know about ERISA and commercial audits.

Richard Quadrino July 31, 2013

Tool: Physician Practice Assessment and Checklist for Optimization

Healthcare leaders can use this assessment tool to determine how to improve medical group efficiency and performance.

HFMA June 13, 2013

Patient Friendly Billing Resources

Patient Friendly Billing Resources Here is an extensive list of patient friendly billing reports, analysis, tools, case studies, and related information.

HFMA April 12, 2013

Providence’s Revamped Billing Statements Led to Quicker Payment

Providence Health System developed a patient billing statement that encourages faster payment.

HFMA December 19, 2012

Early, Transparent Financial Communications

A PATIENT FRIENDLY BILLING® Project Recommended Practice. This statement specifically addresses patients' rights to understand and prepare for their financial obligation at the earliest point possible in the care experience. 

HFMA October 25, 2012

Ask the Expert: Real-Time Coding Scrubber

This Revenue Cycle Forum Ask the Expert question asks if there is a real-time coding scrubber option out there.

HFMA October 25, 2012

Ask the Experts Answer: Cost-to-Collect Calculations

Q: We are basing staffing decisions on your benchmark of 2% of collections for cost-to-collect. Would you explain how you arrived at this percentage? We would like to obtain the facts and background that went into that research since it will be utilized at our facility for important decisions.

HFMA October 25, 2012

Ask the Experts Answer: Urgent Care Center

Q: We are opening an urgent care center that will be hospital-based. The consulting team that is setting-up the billing suggests that we have two different charge slips and two different prices -- one for self pay and one for insurance patients. I am not comfortable with this recommendation and would like guidance on charging two different prices. 

HFMA October 25, 2012
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