Revenue Cycle

Ask the Experts: Attorney Fees for Collections

I discovered that a law firm is adding an “attorney fee” on its first patient collection letter. Is this compliant with collection guidelines?

HFMA February 9, 2016

Cash Recovery: How Richmond University Medical Center Repaired 6 Areas to Boost A/R

Richmond University Medical Center increased revenue by $19 million over a three-year period by improving preauthorization and registration flow and developing committees to work with payers, among other strategies.

Erin Murphy January 11, 2016

Ask the Experts: ICD-10 Transition

Now that the ICD-10 conversion deadline has passed, what are the top issues that providers are seeing?

HFMA January 11, 2016

Ask the Experts: Medical Record Documentation

Please share a sample template for medical record documentation for implanting cardiac defibrillators.

HFMA January 11, 2016

Utilization Review Reduces Inpatient Denials

Covenant Health’s utilization review strategies have helped the health system recoup the difference between inpatient and observation status payments.

Karen Wagner November 17, 2015

Ask the Experts: Collection KPIs

Can you share collection rate benchmarks for third-party extended business offices?

HFMA November 2, 2015

Ask the Experts: Charity Care

Can a hospital exclude a patient from the charity care if that patient is eligible for the exchange plans or Medicaid?

HFMA November 2, 2015

University Hospitals Transformed Patient Access and Improved Revenue by Nearly $10M

Within two years, University Hospitals’ cancellations and no-shows have dropped from 35 to 21 percent, the call abandonment rate has dropped from 14 to 4 percent, and the average speed to answer patient calls is down from 99 seconds to 20 seconds.

Laura Ramos Hegwer October 7, 2015

Ask the Experts: Billing Staff Metrics

What are the standards for biller activity and productivity?

HFMA October 7, 2015

FAQs About the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices® and Adopter Recognition

View frequently asked questions about the Patient Financial Best Practices and the Adopter Recognition Program.

HFMA August 10, 2015
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