Revenue Cycle

Coding for Conscious Sedation

How has coding for moderate sedation and conscious sedation changed?

Jennifer Swindle February 28, 2017

Cultivating Homegrown Inpatient Auditors

Building a team of internal inpatient auditors empowers revenue cycle leaders to proactively validate coding, determine regulatory compliance, and analyze clinical documentation. The best place to find qualified auditors is to train your own coders for the job. 

Laurie A. McBrierty, MLT, ASCP February 28, 2017

Registration Academy Improves Performance

St. Joseph Health’s homegrown training program reduced the average training time for new hires by 25 percent and decreased training costs per trainee by $1,400.

training: Karen Wagner February 28, 2017

The Dangers of “Downcoding” in Emergency Medicine

Kenneth J. Heinrich discusses how “routine emergencies” can result in lost revenue due to incomplete documentation.

Kenneth J. Heinrich February 23, 2017

Ask the Experts: Revenue Cycle Metrics

Do you have data on top decile and 50th percentile performance for revenue cycle metrics?

HFMA February 16, 2017

Two New Revenue Cycle Models For Three Key External Challenges

Kent Ritter continues his discussion of how a healthcare organization might look to implement measures to improve its revenue cycle.

Kent Ritter February 10, 2017

Consumers Have Less Credit Available to Fund Their Care

A survey reveals that patients may have less money to fulfill their financial responsibilities because revolving credit had declined for consumers by approximately 26 percent. 

figure at a glance February 7, 2017

Self-Pay Patient Financial Liability: A Hospital’s Biggest Post-Election Challenge

As a result of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and rising self-pay responsibility among consumers, a growing number of consumers could find themselves unable to pay their portions of their healthcare bills, raising financial challenges for providers.

Jeff Goldsmith, PhD January 31, 2017

Revenue Cycle Challenges and Recommendations for 2017

A survey of CFOs and revenue cycle leaders identified the most pressing challenges surrounding revenue cycle management.

Jonathan Wiik January 31, 2017

3 Ways to Transform Pre and Point of Service Patient Payments

Automating billing processes, offering patient-friendly payment options, and developing strategic discharge processes can improve pre- and point-of service collections, while increasing patient satisfaction.

Tom Yoesle January 31, 2017
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