July 2019

Cover story

Article | Operations Management

Solid written policy and agility are key to preparing for disaster

Former hospital CFO Ed Tucker shares a disaster preparedness budget model he created after Hurricane Katrina.


Case Study | Operations Management

How a dashboard and an 8-step process helped a hospital slash drug costs

Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center reduced its cost for anesthesia medications by creating a dashboard to assess usage patterns and using a change management process to encourage providers to embrace improvement opportunities.

Article | Accounting and Financial Reporting

Why PAC discharge choices are key to success under risk-based payments

As demonstrated by the experiences of two health systems, developing an effective post-acute care strategy requires a focus on the discharge-planning process, stakeholder engagement, and data to promote stakeholder awareness.

Case Study | Revenue Cycle

How one hospital improved patient access, specialty referrals and completed-appointment rates

Texas Children’s Hospital achieved financial and operational improvements after streamlining referral and scheduling processes to better accommodate providers and patients.

Article | Operations Management

Focus on care transitions brings substantial new LOS-reduction opportunities

Hospitals can derive multiple operating and financial benefits from focusing care improvement efforts on reducing patients' length of stay in acute care.

Article | Operations Management

Why LTC providers should prepare for a whole new wave of payment challenges

As the patient population requiring long-term care (LTC) continues to grow, the success of LTC facilities will depend on their ability to turn payment challenges into opportunities, in part by steering clear of false beliefs and implementing effective revenue-recovery processes.


Column | Leadership

Fear Factor, HFMA style

HFMA's current Chair, Michael Allen, urges finance professionals not to shy away from fear and failure, but to embrace them and grow as a result.

Column | Payment Reimbursement and Managed Care

Primary Care First Model holds promise but faces challenges

CMS's Primary Care First Model aims to create incentives for primary care physicians to take on risk under value-based payment, but whether it will be successful remains to be seen.

Column | Transparency

Improving the patient financial experience starts with us

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer discusses new legislative proposals related to consumerism in the context of HFMA’s best practices.

Column | Leadership

Turning conflict into collaboration: How to manage workplace disagreements

Dealing with the increased likelihood of workplace conflict, healthcare leaders can use best practices to turn conflicts into positive situations.


Column | Staff Development

Understanding the value of an HFMA membership for students and professionals

A Q&A with a Saginaw Valley State University professor who recruited 12 college students to become HFMA members.


Trendsetter | Denials Management

Pursuing a Proactive Denials Strategy Helps Resolve Denials and Prevent Recurrence

A look at how one company is partnering with healthcare organizations to use data and technology to address the root causes of long-standing problems, including denials.

Article | Labor Cost Management

AMN Healthcare: Innovator in Workforce Solutions

An innovative workforce solutions company details how its array of staff and technology options help healthcare organizations address workforce challenges and improve patient care quality and efficiency.