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Patient Financial Communications Adopter Recognition Program

Policies and Practices | Patient Financial Communications

Patient Financial Communications Adopter Recognition Program

Show that you've implemented best practices for patient financial communications. Let HFMA recognize your organization as a Patient Financial Communications Adopter.

About the Best Practices

The Patient Financial Communications Best Practices bring consistency, timeliness, and clarity to a confusing process. The practices outline steps to help patients understand the cost of services they receive, their insurance coverage, and their individual responsibility. Download the best practices. 

Take the first step. Show that you've implemented best practices for patient financial communications. Let HFMA recognize your organization as a Patient Financial Communications Adopter. Apply today!

See a list of healthcare organizations that have achieved recognition as Adopters of the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices.

About the Adopter Recognition Program

Who's Eligible

All healthcare provider organizations may apply for the Adopter recognition. Applications must be at the individual provider level or at the system level. For example, a hospital system consisting of three hospitals may complete one application for the system, or may apply using separate applications for each individual hospital. A physician group practice, however, would apply on behalf of the entire group.

HFMA's Patient Financial Communications Adopter recognition is based on HFMA's review of an application and supporting documents that describe an organization's practices. Organizations achieving this status are allowed to use the phrase "Supporter of the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices" in their marketing materials. Adopter organizations also will receive a certificate and will be listed on HFMA's website and quarterly in HFMA's magazine.

How to Apply

Apply now! It is recommended that patient access leadership be actively involved with other revenue cycle leadership in completing the application. The applicant's CFO or CEO must attest to the accuracy of the application. HFMA will gladly answer any questions about the online form and application process, but only complete electronic applications will be accepted. Send questions to recognition@hfma.org.

Participation in the recognition program is voluntary. Information in the applications and supporting documentation become the property of HFMA and may be disseminated at HFMA's discretion, provided that the identity of the applicants remains confidential. 

Deadline and Fee

There is no deadline or fee. Applications are processed in the order received.  


HFMA professionals experienced in revenue cycle operations will use the application and supporting documentation to review and identify those applications that reflect the compliance levels necessary to achieve the Adopter recognition designation. Emphasis will be given to the provider's work in the areas of process, training, technology, feedback and response, and participation in compliance evaluation at the executive level within the provider's organization.

Recognition is based on the criteria in the application. Each criterion is related to a specific best practice, and recognition is based on achieving a minimum level of compliance. Supporting documentation submitted with the application checklist will be used to validate achievement of the performance levels necessary to earn this Adopter recognition. HFMA recognizes that not every provider can or will implement the specific details of each best practice. 


Applicants will be notified when HFMA receives a completed application. HFMA will complete processing within 60 days of receipt of the completed application. Successful applicants will be notified by telephone; unsuccessful applicants will receive a written notification that will include recommendations for additional compliance work.  

About the Compliance Recognition Program

Providers who have attained Patient Financial Communications Adopter status may go on to achieve a higher level of recognition through HFMA's new Compliance Recognition Program. This program gives providers the benefit of an objective performance assessment conducted by revenue cycle experts under the guidance of HFMA's revenue cycle team. Providers who achieve recognition as Compliant with the Best Practices in Patient Financial Communications are automatically revalidated as an Adopter and newly recognized as Compliant. 

The Compliance Recognition Program includes the following elements:

  • On-site review: On-site assessment of the organization's performance to assess implementation of the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices, in accordance with provider-specific policies
  • Observation: Direct observation of communications interactions between provider personnel and patients
  • Patient satisfaction research: Review or development of patient survey and/or focus group data on patient communication and satisfaction
  • Technology review: Completion of a technology inventory and application utilization review for those applications supporting the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices
  • Training assessment: Review of training materials and records that support compliance with the training best practices
  • Formal feedback: Presentation of a gap analysis report highlighting opportunities for improvement

Achievement of recognition as an Adopter of Patient Financial Communications Best Practices is a prerequisite for application to the Compliance Recognition Program. If your organization is an Adopter, take the first step toward achieving compliance recognition. Contact us for additional information, including application fees. 


Please send all inquiries to recognition@hfma.org.

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