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HFMA survey of healthcare finance professionals highlights continuing pandemic-related challenges and some reasons for optimism

Results of HFMA's Outlook Survey show that the healthcare industry is still coping with the challenges of COVID-19 but has started to adapt to a post-pandemic future.

Nick Hut June 22, 2021

Medicare indirect medical education payments to teaching hospitals should be overhauled, MedPAC says

Although the proposals represent a significant change, most hospitals wouldn’t be projected to experience a large impact on their payments.

Nick Hut June 21, 2021

Supreme Court leaves Affordable Care Act intact, but stakeholders say healthcare reform still has a ways to go

Hospital advocates applauded a Supreme Court ruling June 17 that left the Affordable Care Act in place.

Nick Hut June 18, 2021

PwC report anticipates a 6.5% increase in healthcare costs in 2022, roughly in line with recent years

As the healthcare industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, annual costs are expected to increase by slightly more than they did in recent pre-pandemic years.

Nick Hut June 17, 2021

MedPAC report: Cost-based reimbursement isn’t an ideal way to sustain rural hospitals

An extensive healthcare policy report by the Medicare Payment and Advisory Commission includes a discussion about the drawbacks of cost-based Medicare reimbursement for rural hospitals.

Nick Hut June 16, 2021

HHS sends letter to providers, insurers reinforcing requirements for COVID-19 vaccination and testing to be free for all recipients

Xavier Becerra, secretary of HHS, issued a letter emphasizing that out-of-pocket fees for COVID-19-related services are prohibited.

Nick Hut June 13, 2021

UnitedHealthcare reverses course on new approach to emergency department claims, but perhaps only temporarily

UHC had announced this week that it would evaluate claims starting July 1 to determine whether ED visits were for emergent or nonemergent events.

Nick Hut June 10, 2021

Looming UnitedHealthcare policy on coverage of emergency department care draws opposition from hospitals, physicians

In a move strongly opposed by provider associations, UnitedHealthcare soon will start denying coverage of ED care that it deems to have been nonemergent.

Nick Hut June 10, 2021

CMS nearly doubles the payment rate for administering the COVID-19 vaccine in a Medicare beneficiary’s home

A payment increase for in-home COVID-19 vaccine administration is part of a strategy to improve vaccination rates, which have slowed in recent weeks.

Nick Hut June 10, 2021

Why fee-for-service can have a place in a reimagined healthcare system, but not as the primary mode of payment

Fee-for-service came under fire during a workshop in which prominent healthcare industry experts spoke of ways to achieve better integration of financing and care delivery.

Nick Hut June 9, 2021