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Why closer collaboration between healthcare providers and health plans is crucial, and where it could pay off the most

New types of provider-payer associations place an emphasis on increasing the value of healthcare rather than merely offering cost savings.

Nick Hut June 4, 2021

Survey data highlights shortcomings in private insurance coverage compared with Medicare

Indicators of coverage gaps were more likely to be seen among individuals with private insurance.

Nick Hut June 2, 2021

New research suggests there’s no need to worry that patient experience surveys lead to low-value healthcare

Findings from a new study may assuage concerns that low-value care is encouraged through the use of patient experience ratings in payment formulas.

Nick Hut June 1, 2021

Weeding out waste: Policy workshop examines how the healthcare industry can finance a better model

By reducing wasteful spending, the U.S. healthcare industry would have an easier time funding some of the changes needed to support whole-person health, industry experts said at a conference on how to optimize healthcare financing.

Nick Hut June 1, 2021

News briefs: In a win for hospitals, CMS removes a rate-reporting requirement from the Medicare FY22 IPPS

Recent healthcare finance and policy news included the release of the proposed rule for the FY22 Inpatient Prospective Payment System.

Nick Hut June 1, 2021

New CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure gets ready to tackle surprise billing, rural healthcare and much more

During her Senate confirmation hearing, Brooks-LaSure said strengthening Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act to bolster quality and access while lowering costs will be paramount.

Nick Hut May 28, 2021

Democratic congressional leaders ramp up efforts to craft a health insurance public option, generating hospital pushback

Leading Democrats in the House and Senate sent out a request for information to healthcare stakeholders, seeking input as they look to establish a public option for health insurance.

Nick Hut May 26, 2021

Hospital margins continued to improve in April, but volumes and revenues fell slightly

A monthly report on hospital finances showed that margins improved from March to April even though the COVID-19 pandemic remained a factor.

Nick Hut May 25, 2021

Experts raise concerns about hospital merger-and-acquisition activity but differ on how Congress should respond

During a recent Senate hearing, a hospital advocate responded to criticism of consolidation stemming from mergers among hospitals and hospital acquisitions of physician practices.

Nick Hut May 24, 2021

FBI issues alert about ransomware threat affecting healthcare organizations

The Conti ransomware attacks have disrupted healthcare networks in the U.S. and abroad, according to an alert.

Nick Hut May 24, 2021