Organizational Learning

Comprehensive online training  structured to assist you in identifying your organizational needs, building staff competencies, and improving performance. 

What we offer

Prepare your staff to address the  issues healthcare providers face today.

From entry-level revenue cycle personnel to senior operational and clinical professionals, HFMA Organizational Learning prepares your staff to address the  issues healthcare providers face today: managing costs, enhancing efficiency, and integrating financial information with the delivery of healthcare.

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Access a learning portal for your organization where you can enroll learners in online programs and monitor their progress to recognize achievements.

Standardize training and education for evolving teams in your organization.

Help your employees build a more solid understanding of the industry and their role within it to increase organizational performance.

Volume discounts for cost-efficient team training.

"Talk about fueling success! HFMA has allowed our organization to expand our knowledge and skill building opportunities. HFMA is committed to the success of its members and is focused on community. Thanks for being a great partner and resource!"

Katlyn Lee
Principal Consultant, Integrated Talent Management/Org Strategy & Design
Providence St. Joseph Health


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Validate your expertise and demonstrate your commitment to the profession by earning an HFMA Certification.

Learning Paths 

Accomplish your goals. Explore the focus areas and proficiency objectives to help you decide what path is right for you and your team.