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2023 Article Submission Deadlines

  • Winter: 2/28/23
  • Spring: 5/31/23
  • Summer: 7/15/23
  • Fall: 9/8/23

Newsletter Article Submission Information

Become a published author and accumulate Founders Points! Did you know that you receive two Founders Points for every published article in the Northern New England (NNE) Chapter or National HFMA publication?

There are two types of articles published:

  • A report submitted by various committees as established in the deliverables of the committee. Some committees require submission for every issue; others require two articles per year. When submitting an article on behalf of a committee, please identify the committee and the authority in case questions arise.
  • The second type of articles are those written by various members of the NNE Chapter, articles from National HFMA, or articles published in other Chapter newsletters or publications. These should be of an educational nature and for purposes of improving the skill level or knowledge base of the readers.

Topic: Write an article in the third person and should not be an advertisement for your company or product. It should contain relevant and informative information for the membership.

When writing the article: Use bullet points and graphs, also insert gray areas (sidebars) with statistical information if applicable. Use sub headings when possible.

Ideal lengths: 200-400 words. Longer articles are welcomed by the newsletter committee.

For more information on contributing an article or to submit an article to be considered for publication, please contact:

NNE Newsletter Editors

Thomas Jabro, CTP, CRCR
T: 215-251-7504 
E: [email protected] | [email protected] 

Chelsea L. Desrosiers, CPA, MBA
T: 207-498-1140
E: [email protected]

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