Hawaii Webinars

We are proud to announce our new 2022 chapter webinar series, which provides FREE educational events for our members from our Platinum & Gold Sponsors!

Upcoming Webinars

2023 HI Webinars

Knowtion Webinar by Sarah Loeffler, Knowtion

Texas Health Resources Overview by Jeff Mincher, Texas Health.

2022 HI HFMA Conference Presentations

Permanent 2022 Changes to Healthcare Reimbursement Based on COVID-19 Updates by Linda Corley, Xtend Healthcare

Medicare A/B 2022 Updates and Hot Topics by Lori Weber & Valerie Cavett, Noridian

Patient Financial Advocacy is More than Just Medicaid by Matt Blackner, MedData & Lehua Pate, Queen’s Health Systems

CMS Hunger Games for Organ Procurement Organizations by Leonard Licina, Legacy of Life Hawai`i

Post Covid Strategy: Time to Stop Reacting and Start Planning by Terry Blessing, VisiQuate

ERISA: Finding the Hidden Gold in Your Revenue Cycle by Lea Fowler, Titan Health Management Solutions

Navigating the Storm: Keeping your Revenue on Course with Disruption by Jonathan Wiik, nThrive

CDI; Beyond CMI by Amy Gaston & Brian Schaffer, Guidehouse

Give your Revenue Cycle Engine a Tune-up by Megan Smith, HRG

Caring for Your People in a Time of Crisis by Kritiya Gee & Judy Stroot, Huron Consulting Group

Past Webinar Recordings