Virginia-DC Scholarships

The Virginia DC Chapter HFMA offers three scholarships to promote the power of education. They are offered to individuals seeking an education in the field of healthcare.

The Virginia/DC Chapter has established an annual memorial scholarship fund in memory of Jay C. Ellis, a former member of the Chapter. Jay Ellis was involved in the healthcare industry for 11 years and served in various positions throughout his career. His most recent position, until his untimely death in May, 1986, was Senior Manager in healthcare consulting at Peat Marwick. Prior to joining Peat Marwick, Jay was the founder and president of Ellis, Graham and Mears, Inc. a regional healthcare consulting firm, based in Richmond, Virginia, a healthcare consultant for Ernst & Whinney and a controller for Hospital Corporation of America.

Throughout Jay’s healthcare career, he was involved in the Virginia/DC Chapter and served on various committees. Jay was a professional and dedicated individual who was well liked by all as he took a personal interest in the people he came into contact with. He strongly believed in providing high quality services and treating all clients and individuals with dignity and respect.

The establishment of the Jay C. Ellis Memorial Scholarship Fund is the Virginia/DC Chapter’s way of helping to make Jay’s most important dream become a reality. At the age of 17, Jay was forced to get a job in order to support himself while finishing high school due to his parents’ deaths. He then supported himself through college and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting from the University of South Florida, As we all are aware, it is difficult enough to obtain a collage education with the emotional and financial support of family members, but even though Jay had neither, he overcame his obstacles, pursued his educational goals and began a career in the healthcare industry. Because of his own personal struggles, Jay always hoped to provide assistance to needy students pursuing higher education.

A committee of HFMA members, who were personal and professional friends of Jay, have established the criteria to be used in awarding the scholarship based upon how they felt Jay would have liked for the scholarship to be awarded. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Any high school senior is eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  2. Preference will be given to offspring of members of the Virginia/DC Chapter.
  3. Students applying for the scholarship will be required to write an essay entitled “What This Scholarship Means to Me” and the committee established by the Chapter will review the essays.
  4. The scholarship is to be used for tuition only.
  5. The scholarship is to be awarded upon financial need, academics, extracurricular activities at school and in the community, and the results of the essay composition noted above,

It is the Virginia/DC Chapter’s goal to provide a minimum of one (1) $1000 scholarship each year and we need your help in achieving this goal and in helping to make Jay’s dream come true. The  scholarship will be awarded using funds generated from accumulated interest and the principal will remain intact.

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Awarded by the Virginia-Washington DC Chapter, HFMA

Mission Statement – The mission of the Randall Bledsoe Memorial Scholarship for Certification is to promote professional excellence in those members who wish to demonstrate their commitment to further their professional development. This is demonstrated by the member’s desire to pursue professional certification as a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) by the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

1. What the Scholarship Covers (current costs are shown)

  1. Cost of on-line study guide ($249) or the current iPad version of the study guide ($349.99)
  2. Cost of examination registration and certification application ($395)
  3. Cost of registration at one (1) chapter statewide conference within 12 months of the award of the scholarship

NOTE: The cost of the study material and the exam will be paid on a reimbursement basis after the scholarship recipient successfully passes the certification exam on their initial attempt. Documentation of the paid expenses of the material and exam must be provided upon request.

2. Criteria for Scholarship Applicant

  1. Virginia-Washington DC Chapter HFMA member in good standing with a minimum of two membership years
  2. Full time employee of a provider
  3. Is currently employed at the director level or below
  4. Has shown their interest in professional development through attendance at chapter events and/or involvement in chapter activities on a committee
  5. Has committed to sit for the examination within the succeeding chapter year following the scholarship award

3. Application Process

  1. Completes scholarship application
  2. Provide a short essay (500-750 words) that describes professional goals
  3. Current copy of resume’
  4. Recommendation from HFMA Fellow or CHFP

4. Selection Criteria

  1. Commitment as described in essay
  2. Commitment as demonstrated in chapter involvement
  3. Work history

5. Selection Committee

  1. Selection committee shall be the current members of the Virginia-Washington DC Chapter Certification Committee
  2. Selection committee shall make their recommendation to the Virginia-Washington DC Chapter Board of Directors

6. Scholarship Award

  1. The Randall Bledsoe Memorial Scholarship for Certification shall be awarded at the annual Virginia-Washington DC Chapter Spring Educational Conference

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The scholarship application is due by April 30, 2024.

The Virginia/DC Chapter has established an annual scholarship to be awarded in honor of Robert H. Thomas. Mr. Thomas was a charter member (one of 284) of the American Association for Hospital Accountants which became HFMA. He was honored at the Annual Institute of HFMA in 1985. Bob was President of the Virginia Hospital Association in 1956. His other experience includes the Administrator of Grace Hospital in Richmond, Director of the Virginia Council on Uniform Hospital Accounting and Assistant Director of the Virginia Hospital Rate Review Program. Mr. Thomas retired in 1981 to reside in Richmond.

The purpose of the Robert H. Thomas continuing education scholarship is to provide encouragement, recognition and financial incentives for Chapter members to pursue appropriate continuing education. Appropriate education would be a course toward an advanced degree, a certification program, undergraduate courses or other education, which would enhance or further an applicant’s career. The scholarship is in the amount of $1000, to be appropriated from the Chapter’s annual operating budget.

The scholarship award will be made on the basis of an essay. The essay should describe the applicant’s academic goals, how the scholarship will help the applicant achieve this goal and how the applicant expects his or her career to be improved. The essay should not exceed two typewritten, single-spaced pages.

All applicants for the Robert H. Thomas Scholarship must be members of HFMA. Judging of the essay will include (but not be limited to) organization, grammar, punctuation, clarity and logic of expression.

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for conducting the scholarship selection and award, and is composed of past presidents of the Chapter.

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