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Drive the Success of the Virginia-Washington DC Chapter of HFMA

Our volunteers drive the activity and success of the Virginia-Washington DC Chapter of HFMA. We need your help and expertise to continually expand the value of membership. Select the specific committee tasks you feel best able to support when you complete our Committee Support Questionnaire.

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Volunteering with HFMA offers benefits for you, both personally and professionally:

  • Deepen critical professional relationships
  • Establish broad and unexpected mentorship networks
  • Discover friendships with a national network of colleagues
  • Continually develop your skills through collaboration with other leaders
  • Develop the knowledge of your teams by sharing what you learn
  • EARN FOUNDERS POINTS to become a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Assocation (FHFMA). Click Here to Learn More about transforming your current CHFP designation into HFMA Fellowship.

Committee efforts are led by the coordinated guidance of our Chapter Directors and volunteers like you.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Education Committee – Supports high quality education opportunities in the areas of healthcare finance and management.
  • Leadership Development Committee – Develops and implements programs to identify, recruit, educate, mentor, and recognize future chapter leaders.
  • Membership Committee – Develops and implements an annual plan for member recruitment and retention.
  • Communications Committee – Supports the promotion of chapter news and event information through our website, email, and social media platforms.
  • Sponsorship Committee – Responsible for setting sponsorship offerings, recruiting sponsors, and making sure pledges are received.
  • Volunteer Recruiting – Help the Volunteer Coordinator recruit volunteers to support chapter needs.

Please use the questionnaire link above to tell us a bit about yourself and let us know how you are interested in volunteering!


Current Volunteers

Thank you for being one of our tremendous volunteers!

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We know it’s a commitment to volunteer and appreciate you taking the time to give back to our chapter community. We’d like to feature you and your volunteer experience in a brief profile online and on social media. Please complete the Volunteer Profile.