South Carolina Awards

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For Outstanding Leadership

Based on nominations received from the membership, this award is presented to one of our Past Presidents who is an outstanding leader. One who demonstrates by example in their daily life the strong values they live by and a genuine concern for others. This person has provided service to the chapter, to their community and civic organizations, as well as to the healthcare industry generally.

2017-2018Estelle Barnes
2016-2017Woody Turner
2015-2016Greg Taylor, FHFMA, CPA
2014-2015Jude Crowell
2013-2014Diane Story
2012-2013Charles R. Hyatt
2011-2012Kenneth Scheller
2010-2011Raymond L. High, MHA *
2009-2010Lawrence A. Laddaga, Esq., FHFMA
2008-2009Tommy Cockrell, FHFMA
2007-2008Debbie Hunt, FHFMA
2006-2007Stephen G. Lutfy, FHFMA
2005-2006Annette Drachman, Esq., FHFMA, MHA
*denotes deceased

For Most Outstanding Member

This award is given to a member who has been a loyal, devoted, and a truly outstanding member for the past several years. The winners have been selected from nominations received, in addition to other established criteria based on the unselfish contribution of an individual to the area of healthcare finance, and our state chapter.

2022-2023Brian Earnest
2022-2023Heather Crowell
2017-2018Robert W. Griffin
2016-2017Danielle Gori
2015-2016Woody Turner
2014-2015Greg Taylor
2013-2014Jude Crowell
2012-2013Kenneth Scheller
2011-2012Charles R. Hyatt
2010-2011Kenneth Scheller
2009-2010Raymond L. High, MHA *
2008-2009Thomas B. Eckert
2007-2008Roger L. Sipe, MHA
2006-2007Deborah B. Hunt, FHFMA
2005-2006Camie Patterson, CPA, FHFMA, CMA
2004-2005Jay Rickman, Jr. *
2003-2004Annette Drachman, Esq., FHFMA, MHA
2002-2003Lisa P. Montgomery, FHFMA, MHA
2001-2002Andrew R. Hamilton, FHFMA
2000-2001Moral A. Turner, FHFMA
1999-2000Jerry D. Morton, FHFMA
1998-1999Martin G. Moore, FHFMA
1997-1998Lawrence A. Laddaga, Esq., FHFMA
1996-1997E. Dianne Bishop
1995-1996J. Larry Pope
1994-1995Suzanne L. Ward, FHFMA, CMPA, CMCP
1993-1994Lynda D. Keisler
1992-1993Stephen G. Lutfy, FHFMA
1991-1992Thomas D. Cockrell, CMPA
1990-1991James L. Head, Jr., CPA
1889-1990Gloria J. Knight
1988-1989Shirley Palton Adams
1987-1988Carl I. Walters
1986-1987Thomas A. Chambers
1985-1986Debra C. Belk, CMPA
1984-1985C. Kenneth Snipes
1983-1984Aileen Floyd, CMPA
1982-1983Trudy P. Solomon, FHFMA
1981-1982Doris S. Foster
*denotes deceased

For Most Active Member

The recipient of this award has devoted much time and effort to the South Carolina Chapter. Based on a system of points, this award is presented to honor that member who has most actively served the Chapter during the Chapter year.

2022-2023Melissa Stutz
2017-2018Candice Powers
2015-2016Woody Turner
2014-2015Greg Taylor, FHFMA, CPA
2013-2014Jude Crowell
2012-2013Diane Story
2011-2012Diane Story
2010-2011Charles R. Hyatt
2009-2010Kenneth Scheller
2008-2009Raymond L. High, MHA *
2007-2008Thomas B. Eckert
2006-2007Roger L. Sipe, MHA
2005-2006Debbie Hunt, FHFMA
2004-2005Estelle Barnes
2003-2004Donnie Durant, CHFP
2002-2003Annette Drachman, Esq., FHFMA, MHA
2001-2002Lisa P. Montgomery, FHFMA, MHA
2000-2001Andrew R. Hamilton, FHFMA
1999-2000Moral Al Turner, FHFMA
1998-1999Moral Al Turner, FHFMA
1997-1998E. Dianne Bishop
1996-1997Martin G. Moore, HFHMA
1995-1996Lawrence A. Laddaga, Esq., FHFMA
1994-1995Stephen G. Lutfy, FHFMA
1993-1994Stephen G. Lutfy, FHFMA
1992-1993Lawrence A. Laddaga, Esq., FHFMA
1991-1992Gloria J. Knight
1990-1991Paul D. Sheler, CPA, FHFMA
1889-1990Stephen G. Lutfy, FHFMA
1988-1989Stephen G. Lutfy, FHFMA
1987-1988Gloria J. Knight
1986-1987Mary Anne Hess
1985-1986James L. Head, Jr., CPA
1984-1985Gary L. Morris
1983-1984Trudy P. Solomon, FHFMA
1982-1983Wayne D. McPherson
1981-1982Debra C. Belk, CMPA
*denotes deceased

Compassion in Action Award – HFMA

Awarded at 2024 Leadership Training Conference – April 22, 2024