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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a major initiative that The South Carolina HFMA Chapter started to work on in 2017. The need to incorporate DEI into the SCHFMA culture was to foster cohesiveness among members, create a sense of belonging, and help to create innovation and creativity. This initiative started with the forward thinking of Past President Danielle Gori. The article published in hfm Magazine on September 30, 2021 “South Carolina Chapter tackles critical issue:  diversity and inclusion” helped kickstart the implementation of this program.

She had the vision to incorporate sessions at Chapter institutes and a full day education program devoted to the topic of DEI. This came to fruition in 2023 with the first DEI Symposium and is now being built upon for a second DEI symposium for 2024. Each year this initiative has progressed and now Jen Hayes the current President of the chapter has linked this to her theme for 2023-2024 – Include. Inspire. Innovate. The vision behind this theme is to focus on the People. With people being our power, it is the biggest attribute of our organization and relates to membership. The “include” will focus on the membership and DEI initiatives. The South Carolina Chapter wants to ensure that every member is recognized and engaged in being a role player and having a sense of belonging. Focusing on growing and sustaining membership, doing better at understanding the needs of our members, and promoting the benefit of what “HFMA can do for you.” The “inspire and innovate” also play a role with the DEI initiative with focusing on professional growth, mentorship, and growing the chapter.

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the DEI program for SCHFMA are to increase awareness around the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative through annual symposiums. This initiative would help members feel a sense of belonging which would strengthen the chapters vision to grow and innovate within the industry. The First SCHFMA DEI Symposium was held on April 28, 2023. The chapter has focused on equity and inclusion as much as diversity. As it relates to HFMA, our principles align with the health equity conversations and initiatives and how that impacts health systems financially. 

The Second Annual SC HFMA DEI Symposium scheduled on April 19, 2024, has advanced from the first conference. The 2024 Symposium will convene healthcare industry leaders to discuss the financial, quality, and cultural benefits of intentional thoughtful diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, help attendees understand how to navigate cultural/racial/gender/other barriers and differences within healthcare, and add to a foundation of collaboration among leaders across organizations and markets. Attendees will be able to meet and hear from leaders with similar challenges and backgrounds, share lessons learned, and clarify ways to improve healthcare access and sustainability. The symposium objectives include:

Objective 1:  Increase awareness and understanding of implicit biases within the healthcare finance sector and its correlation to healthcare overall and other industries.

Objective 2:  Demonstrate the tangible benefits and return on investment (ROI) for organizations that invest and implement effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives; and

Objective 3:  Inspire and empower participants through intimate conversations with healthcare leaders who are champions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

These objectives aim to create a comprehensive and impactful symposium that addresses key aspects of DEI, from recognizing biases to highlighting the tangible benefits of inclusive practices and providing a platform for inspiring conversations with healthcare leaders.

The South Carolina Chapter will continue to ensure that every member is recognized and engaged in being a role player and having a sense of belonging. Focusing on growing and sustaining membership, doing better at understanding the needs of our members, and promoting the benefit of what “HFMA can do for you.”

DEI Committee


Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor is a seasoned professional with a remarkable career in the healthcare industry. With over 17 years of experience at Annuity Health, he has consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and a dedication to excellence.  Robert holds an MBA degree, which has equipped him with a strong foundation in business strategy and management. His educational background, combined with his extensive experience, has allowed him to make significant contributions to the growth and success of Annuity Health.

As an Executive Director at Annuity Health, Robert has played a crucial role in various aspects of the organization’s operations. His expertise spans across business development, operations, compliance, and operations leadership training. He has been instrumental in fostering strategic partnerships, driving business growth, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Robert is a devoted family man. He is happily married to Dyisha Taylor and is the proud father of two wonderful boys, Charles and Dylan. His commitment to his family reflects his values of love, support, and balance.

Throughout his career, Robert Taylor has exemplified exceptional leadership, dedication, and a passion for driving positive change in the healthcare industry. His vast knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to Annuity Health, contributing to its continued growth and success.

Phone: 803-290-2504 / Email

Committee Members

Lawrence Laddaga 

Founder of Laddaga- Garrett, P.A., Attorneys and Counselors at Law in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1983, the firm limits its practice to Health Law and denial management and appeals. The firm represents a variety of health care providers in litigation, mediation and arbitration against insurance and health plans; Medicare/Medicaid issues; Compliance matters; revenue cycle consulting; managed care contracting; HIPAA; discharge planning issues; licensing and regulatory issues. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the College of Charleston’s School of Professional Studies where he teaches Health Law and Regulation. Past chair of the Health Law Section of the S.C. Bar, he is also a member of the American Health Lawyers Association, an advanced member of the Healthcare Financial Managers Association (HFMA) and holds their Fellow Designation with Certifications in Patient Accounts and Managed Care. He is a past President of the South Carolina Chapter of HFMA, a past Regional Executive and served two terms on the HFMA National Principles and Practices Board, and Chapter Advancement Team. Mr. Laddaga enjoys Argentine Tango, Yoga, Zumba, Running, and Barre.

Phone: 843-207-5040 / Email

Sabrina Robinson

Sabrina Robinson is currently Vice President Operations with the Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, SC. Sabrina has 20 years of experience in healthcare administration. Sabrina oversees the operations for a 286-bed acute care hospital in rural South Carolina which includes an 88 provider, multi-specialty medical group with 18 locations, including Rural Health Clinics. Her oversight also includes the management of Mabry Cancer Center and Dialysis Access Institute. Sabrina began her career as an accountant and utilizes her experience as a former controller to ensure the financial viability and long-term sustainability of her practices. Sabrina has a sincere passion for healthcare, specifically with preventative care and wellness. Sabrina’s fervor for healthcare began in her hometown of the Bronx, NY where her mother was an executive administrator for 8 healthcare clinics across the South Bronx.

Sabrina holds a BS in Accounting, a Master of Business Administration and is a Certified Medical Practice Executive with the American College of Medical Practice Executives and a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Phone: 803-395-2020 / Email

Eric Summers 

Eric has been involved with HFMA since 2007. He started relationship with HFMA with the Wisconsin Chapter where he volunteered for several roles including chapter Certification chair for 4 years. He later joined the South Carolina chapter during the Jude Crowell era and have been working with the chapter since. Eric also has several years of revenue cycle and contact center experience. Starting with American Express, where he held the title of President of Diversity for the Northern Region Operational Center (NROC), a 4000-seat call-center. As National Financial Services Director for U.S Cellular, he managed two customer service sites with 450 FTE where he implemented internal/external customer experience policies rooted in his diversity training.

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Tim Grubb

Jaime Bailey, MBA, CRCR

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