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Bylaws of the HFMA South Carolina Chapter

Diversity and Inclusion Integration

Danielle Gori, FHFMA, CRCA

Danielle is celebrating her 10th anniversary with the SC HFMA chapter this year. As the Chapter President through 2022, diversity and inclusion is one platform Danielle is committed to developing within the SC Chapter over the next year and a half. Growing up in a multi-racial family, Danielle is very passionate about finding ways to openly discuss topics on race and racial inequality in a very open, honest and safe environment and helping others to connect in the same manner.

Eric Summers 

Eric has been involved with diversity in one form, or fashion most of his life. It began with his father, who taught him how to recognize good people by their character, and deeds, not their color. He frequently mentioned “A butt-hole comes in all colors, avoid those people”. That lesson, and other life experiences influenced his direction as President of Diversity for American Express Northern Region Operational Center (NROC), a 4000-seat call-center, where Eric led several projects supporting the business case for valuing our differences’. As National Financial Services Director at U.S Cellular, he implemented customer experience policies rooted in his diversity training, including the importance of communication-based resolutions. He has also held many volunteer roles with HFMA for a variety of chapters, including 4 years as HFMA Certification Chair for the state of Wisconsin. Serving the South Carolina chapter, my home chapter, is an honor.

Jaime Bailey, MBA, CRCR 

Jaime has been involved with the SC HFMA Chapter since 2017. She is the Program Chair for 2020-2021 Chapter year. Jaime works with HCA Healthcare for the South Atlantic Division assisting with healthcare operations for their Urgent Care Service Line. Jaime is very excited to support the SC HFMA chapter throughout 2021 as we all want a safe platform to discuss and support each other on critical topics like diversity and inclusion to be sure we are providing a safe and successful work environment for everyone.