South Carolina Chapter

President’s Welcome

I am honored and privileged to serve as President of the South Carolina Chapter of HFMA for 2023-2024. 

Our theme for the upcoming 2023-2024 year is “Include. Inspire. Innovate.”  All strong “I” words but meaning “we” regarding teamwork within the South Carolina Chapter. The vision behind this theme is to focus on the People.  With people being our power, it is the biggest attribute of our organization and directly relates to membership. 

“Include” will focus on the membership and DEI Initiatives.  We want to ensure that every member is recognized and engaged in being a role player and having a sense of belonging.  We will focus on growing and sustaining membership, doing better at understanding the needs of our members, and promoting the benefit of what “HFMA can do for you.”

“Inspire” will focus on professional growth and mentorship.  We will strive to mentor leaders and members for future involvement and succession within the Chapter.  The current leadership team will strategize together so that ideas and goals are building blocks and aid in the transition and hand off for each year.  Respect, Integrity, and Enthusiasm will be built upon to inspire others to be present and involved. 

“Innovate” will focus on growing the chapter.  We will find unique ways to deliver value to our members through providing top notch education, professional development, and networking opportunities.  We will collaborate with other HFMA chapters and professional organizations to provide resources on battling the challenges that face us as leaders in the Healthcare Finance/Revenue Cycle industry. 

The SC HFMA Chapter encourages you to get involved and have some fun! We are passionate about serving and giving back to our communities.  Check out the upcoming events and learn more about the service projects focusing on animals this year.  We look forward to any feedback and welcome anyone to reach out for additional information.  Let’s make it an awesome 2023-2024 year!


Jen Hayes

Upcoming Events


DEI 2nd Annual Conference

April 19, 2024

Lexington Medical Center | West Columbia, SC


SC HFMA Annual Conference

May 28 – 31, 2024

Myrtle Beach, SC

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