Wisconsin Chris Ergen Award

Chris Ergen, the Wisconsin HFMA Sponsorship Program’s first committee chair, was instrumental in starting the successful sponsorship program that has allowed the chapter to improve its educational offerings while keeping the cost consistently reasonable. This award recognizes a sponsor organization for contributions to the chapter that go over and above the sponsorship fee. Any board member or committee chair may nominate a sponsor organization. The Sponsorship Committee chairperson (or a Chapter President appointee if the chair is a sponsor) and all non-sponsor board members will determine the recipient of the award based on an evaluation process that includes evaluating all nominees on a number of criteria, choosing finalists for discussion and further evaluation if necessary and making a final selection via a confidential voting process. This award recognizes an Organization’s overall commitment to the Wisconsin HFMA based upon: the organization’s longevity as a sponsor; participation in HFMA-Wisconsin activities, meetings, and underwriting opportunities; encouragement by the Organization of HFMA membership and committee service by its staff; administrative support and additional sponsorships and activities outside of the Sponsorship Program.


Chris Ergen, 1957-2010