November 2018

Cover Story

Trend | Technology

4 Tactics of Effective Strategic Technology Planning for the Digital Future

With the going transformation of the nation’s healthcare system, digital technology will play an increasing role in how health care is managed and delivered, making it critical for healthcare organizations to have a clear strategy for acquiring and implementing it.

Web Exclusives

Trend | Technology ROI

Improving Your Odds for Successful M&A

Although access to technology provides a strong draw in merger and acquisition activity, concerns remain regarding culture fit and high valuation multiples. As always, let the buyer beware.

How To | Chargemaster

Reconciling Charges and Pricing Through Charge Description Master Redesign

Providers should restructure pricing schedules to bring charges into better alignment with the actual cost of services, developing a long-term pricing model that is attractive to both patients and employers.

How To | Facilities

Financing Facility Upgrades Through Real Estate Monetization

By reallocating investment dollars from real estate to facility development and upgrades, health providers can build value while also reducing financial and administrative burdens.


How To | Physician Relationships

Building a Magnet Physician Enterprise: A Critical Health System Priority in the Value Market

Having a magnet physician enterprise that promotes physician satisfaction and engagement is a critical success factor for health systems under value-focused healthcare models.

How To | Physician Practice Revenue

Acquiring Physician Practices: Key Strategic Considerations for a Successful Transaction

Health systems seeking to acquire physician practices should first develop a thoughtful physician acquisition strategy that considers factors such as whether the focus will be on primary care physicians or specialists and the extent to which the strategy is offensive or defensive. 

HFMA 2017-18 Annual Report

Over the past year, we’ve embarked upon several major new initiatives designed to respond to a shifting association landscape and the evolving needs of our members. This report documents accomplishments achieved during FY18.

Focus Area

How To | Costing and Managerial Accounting

Selecting the Right Costing Model

By using cost data at appropriate levels of accuracy and detail to support decision making, hospital finance leaders can minimize the risk of incorrect decisions caused by insufficiently precise data.


How To | Strategic Planning

Successful Healthcare Financial Management Requires Imagination and a Solid Plan

Although many healthcare finance leaders may feel that strategic planning is second nature to them, they can benefit from routinely revisiting the process to learn from the experiences of others and to ensure that are taking all the steps that are necessary for success.

Column | Healthcare Reform

The 2019 ACA Enrollment Period Begins

Rising premiums and reduced choice among insurance options are two challenges facing health insurance purchasers under the Affordable Care Act in 2019; nonetheless, public support for the act continues to be strong enough to block efforts to repeal the act.

How To | Value-Based Payment

Value-Focused Healthcare Strategy Must Be Multifaceted

Moving to a value-based payment model involves change and requires a strategy focused on both managing costs and enabling growth of the enterprise.

Trend | Chargemaster

Why Your Access Strategy Demands Pricing Transparency

Consumers have come to expect price transparency in health care, which has greatly increased the strategic and operational importance of providers’ charge master descriptions and other pricing frameworks.

Column | Patient Financial Communications

A Short Guide to Avoiding Unwelcome Surprises

Surprise medical bills are a top concern of American consumers today. HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer introduces a guide to help consumers avoid these unexpected out-of-network bills.


How To | Patient Financial Communications

Improving Patient Financial Engagement

A research highlight that delves into key takeaways from a June 2018 HFMA member survey about patient payment perspectives and strategies. 


Business Profile | Consumerism

VitalWare: Creating a Transparency Strategy: Meeting the Mandate to Post Standard Hospital Pricing

A senior leader of VitalWare talks about the need to create a comprehensive pricing strategy for consumers and how to get started. 

Trendsetter | Care Management

Preventing Readmissions with a Personal Touch

An in-depth look at how one organization is preventing chronic care readmissions through in-home monitoring, patient education, and counseling.