Member Recruitment and Retention

Use these tools and scripts for building, maintaining and renewing membership.

Member Acquisition, Engagement & Retention Efforts

Curious about HFMA’s efforts as it relates to new member acquisition, and existing member engagement and retention efforts? Check out this 25 minute video for an overview that will walk you through the HFMA marketing team’s journey map and help explain where chapter leaders can find templates and other resources to support your local and regional efforts.

Guidelines for retention outreach

Retaining lapsed members is important to HFMA’s membership. Use the following tools when reaching out to lapsed members.

  • Membership renewal online form
  • Chapter’s non-renewer list from the Chapter Rosters Center – This list provides contact details of individuals from your chapter who have not renewed and need to be contacted. It would be helpful to keep track of the reasons individuals provide as to why they may have chosen not to renew their HFMA membership. Reason codes are listed as part of the general instructions.
  • Membership acquisition and renewal templates – these email templates can assist you and your membership committee with membership acquisition and retention outreach.

Member Referral Program

Learn about HFMA’s Member Referral Program.

Member referral graphics for your chapter’s site & social media

Use this graphic on your chapter site and social media pages.

For assistance or inquiries, email the Volunteer Experience Team.

Membership Application

Download a copy of the HFMA membership application.

HFMA Membership Application

Membership Overview

Below is a QR code that links directly to our Membership information. Chapters can download this image to use at events or place on communications.