Central Ohio Chapter

President’s Message

I am honored and humbled for the opportunity to lead this amazing chapter in 2022-2023 and look forward to leaning in, with all of you, to take this chapter to another level!  We have such a strong foundation to begin with, with nearly 1,500 members; 326 certifications held; over 40 actively engaged volunteers; multiple education and social events curated each year; a fast-growing Student Leadership arm; and we’re one of only a few chapters across the country that has a dedicated charitable arm that we manage through our Gives Back Committee.   In fact, one of our charitable initiatives was even featured in an HFM article back in 2021!  You can read about it here:  HFM River of Socks Article

With that backdrop, I’ll share with you that my top priority is to ensure we fully leverage this positive momentum.   We have a ton of positive energy within our leadership team, a highly engaged Board, loyalty and support from a long list of sponsors, and volunteers that are consistently coming to the table with fresh ideas and a willingness to step in to do the work.   We have a great compliment of professionals within our local and regional healthcare systems and business partners that are excited to lean in and truly make a difference within our healthcare finance community!    

To that end, my vision for this new chapter year is to focus on member value, volunteer engagement, and succession planning.  It is uncommon to have over 40 active volunteers that are clamoring to dive in and make an impact.  So, we commit to being intentional about learning what our volunteers’ strengths and interests are and engage them in a way that will enable us to enhance our offerings and provide experiential learning opportunities to those volunteers that aspire to take on leadership roles within the chapter down the road.  This will ensure that we have an experienced bench of leaders going forward that sets the Central Ohio Chapter up for success long term.  And at the end of the day, all of this work to drive volunteer engagement and secure a solid succession plan is centered around ensuring that we continue to drive value for our members in everything we do.  This is why we’re here and we are passionate when it comes to providing relevant, inspirational content and education through diverse forums that will compliment the offerings provided by the national association and will ultimately serve as the difference maker when it comes to personal, professional, and career development. 

A special thanks to James Monroe who served as our Chapter President for two years in a row as we navigated through one of the most complex periods of time in our history!  His incredible, steadfast leadership is in large part why we are in such a good position today. 

Okay Central Ohio … Let’s do this!  Let’s dive in, get involved, challenge each other and in 2022-2023 let’s make a difference!


Christine Aucreman, CPA, FHFMA, CHFP, CRCR, CSBI
Central Ohio HFMA Chapter President

Vice President, Performance Management and Support Services
Trinity Health

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