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Meeting Presentations and CPE Certificates

In support of HFMA’s efforts to minimize paper waste, become more environmentally- friendly, decrease costs, and provide the most up to date session information to all participants, meeting and session handouts will no longer be available at the meetings. Presentations will be provided for download on our website following each meeting and for a reasonable period of time thereafter.

To access your CPE Certificate, click the link below the  meeting attended and print your Certificate (alphabetical by last name). CPE’s are awarded based on your signature on the sign in sheet, checking in electronically, or through the time stamp from logging in to a webinar. 

June 12, 2024 Webinar Series

240602: Managing Payment Compliance

240601: Certificate of Attendance

240602: Certificate of Attendance

February 14, 2024 Webinar Series

240201: Certificate of Attendance

240202: Certificate of Attendance

240201: Hospital Finance and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

January 25-26, 2024 Lone Star Winter Conference

200109: Signs of Life; Margins to Remain Pressured

240101: 340B Drug Pricing Program

240103: Discover, Uncover, and Recover Your Missing Revenue

240104: The Importance of Effective Compliance Programs

240105: Legal and Enforcement Risks and Trends for 2024

CPE Certificates of Attendance

November 14, 2023 Webinar Series

231101: Medicaid Redetermination

231101: Certificates of Attendance

231102: Putting the Pieces Together: Combining Cost Data with Reimbursement for Contract Analysis

231102: Certificates of Attendance

October 25, 2023 Webinar Series

231001: CPE Certificates of Attendance

231002: Revolutionizing Medical Coding with AI and Machine

231002: CPE Certificates of Attendance

October 19, 2023 Lone Star & OK HFMA Red River Showdown

Making Sense of AI Technology in Revenue Cycle Management

CPE Certificates

Day 1 Session 1: Hospital at Home: “Bravely Bringing Inpatient to the Patient”

Day 1 Session 3: Market insights

Day 1 Session 5: Creating Community Solutions For Mental Health

Day 2 Session 1: How the Energy Incentive Program Benefits Healthcare

September 13, 2023 Web Series

230901: Statements to Payments

230901: CPE Certificates of Attendance

230902: Texas Senate Bill 490: An Overview and Best Practices for Success

230902: CPE Certificates of Attendance

August 24-25, 2023 Lone Star Summer Conference

230801: Into the Dark

230802: Latest Legal Updates in the Healthcare Industry

230803: Healthcare Update for the Future

230804: Directed Payment Programs Overview – Texas and Beyond

230808: Margin transformation Identification and Implementation of Best Value Opportunities

230809: Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare

Certificates of Attendance

May 18, 2023 Web Series

230501 Workers’ Compensation Developments in Texas Certificates

March 23, 2023 Mentor Webinar

CPE Certificates of Attendance

March 15, 2023 Web Series

230301W: Hot Topics in Healthcare

Certificate of Attendance for “Hot Topics in Healthcare”

230302: 2022 Capital Markets Recap & 2023 Outlook for NFP Health Systems

Certificate of Attendance for “2022 Capital Markets Recap & 2023 Outlook for NFP Health Systems”

February 16 – 17, 2023 Lone Star Winter Conference

230201: Key Healthcare Industry Priorities

230202: Maximizing Your Investment in Analytics

230203: ESG: Know the Symptoms

230204: Health Information Exchange in Texas

230206: Exploring Federal Oversight of the Health Care Landscape

230209: Surviving to Thriving: Cost Reduction, Revenue Enhancement & Service Line Optimization

Winter Conference 2023 Certificates

January 11, 2023 Web Series

220101W: The Economic Condition of the U.S. and the COVID Impact Presentation

230101W: The Economic Condition Certificate of Attendance

230102W: Leveraging Digital Technology Certificate of Attendance

December 14, 2022 Web Series

221201: Healthcare Financial Outlook Certificates

221202: Detox Protocol for your AR Backlog Certificates

November 16, 2022 Web Series

OIG Audits Certificates

RCM 101 Certificates

November 3, 2022 Women’s Dinner

Women’s Dinner Certificates

October 28, 2022 Revenue Cycle Meeting

221001: AI: Reconciling Its Reputation With the Facts

221004: NM Hospital Association and Strategic Priorities for 2022-2023

221005: Innovation in the Revenue Cycle

221002: OIG Audits – What to Know

Revenue Cycle Meeting Certificates

September 22, 2022 Web Series

220902: 2023 Medicare Regulatory Update: IPPS Final Rule

September Webinar Certificates

2022 Summer Conference

220801: Bodies on the Table and a Trial by Jury

220803: Diversity and Inclusion Panel

220804: Who Moved My Patient?

220805: The No Surprises Act: A Patient Centered Approach

220807: Servant Leadership Panel

220808: Accounting Update

220810: The Nursing Shortage: Finding Synergy in your Responses

2208011: Fed Up With Traditional Budgeting? Hello, Dynamic Planning!

Summer Conference Certificates

June 15, 2022 Web Series

220602: Hot Topics in Reimbursement

June 2022 Webinar Certificates

March 9, 2022 Web Series

220301W: Emergency Management and Business Continuity – Addressing Associated Regulatory Requirements

220302W: No Surprises Act

February 16, 2022 Web Series

220201W: CARES Provider Relief – Recent Funding & Reporting Period 2 -Presentation Coming Soon

220202W: CFFY 2022 IPPS Final Rule–GME Provisions from the Consolidated Appropriations Act – Presentation Coming Soon

January 20-21, 2022 HFMA Lone Star Winter Conference

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LSHFMA 2022 Winter Conferences CPE Certificates

December 8, 2021 HFMA Lone Star Regulatory Update Webinar Series

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211201W: The New Digital Patient Experience: How Revenue Management Can Accelerate Transformation

211202W: Revenue Cycle Challenges + COVID = Operational Chaos

LSHFMA Dec Web Series CPE Certificates

November 10, 2021 HFMA Lone Star Regulatory Update Webinar Series

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 211101W: Penalty for Price Transparency Noncompliance Could Get Steep

211102W: PFS WRVU Changes – Moving Forward Fee Schedule WRVU Changes: Move Beyond Rolling with the Punches – How to Take Advantage of the Current Crisis

LS HFMA November Web Series CPE Certificates

September 22, 2021 HFMA Lone Star Webinar Series

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210901W: Transplant Reimbursement, Giacoma-Plowman

210902W: Waiver Cancellation and Provider Relief, Nunez

LS HFMA September Web Series CPE Certificates

August 19-20, 2021 HFMA Lone Star Summer Conference

Complete the Post Conference Survey sent to your email to automatically receive your CPE Certificate
Thursday August 19th, 2021

210801: Controlling Costs—It’s All Part of the Plan

210803: 87th Legislative Update

210804: Discover ERISA revenue recovery opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

210805: Inclusion & Diversity with Tina Bowers

210805: Zirtue Driving Financial Equity and Inclusion

210806: Continuity Within the Revenue Cycle

Friday August 20th, 2021

210807 – BKDCyber 2021 HFMA Telework TeleHealth

210808 – Telemedicine

LS HFMA Summer Conference CPE Certificates

February 11, 2021 HFMA Lone Star Virtual Winter Conference

210201: Gundling, Presentation PDF, National Policy Update

210203: Arroliga-Walker, Presentation PDF, Leadership of a Healthcare System

210204: Alvarado-Stewart, Presentation PDF, Transforming for Good

210205: TPA, Presentation PDF, Stronger Together, Superior Results

210206: Cope-Cutler, Presentation PDF, Healthcare, Pandemics, and the Continued Need for Cybersecurity

LS Winter 2021 CPE Certificates

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