Staff Development

Ask the Experts: Staffing Models

Is there a hospital business office staffing model or documentation that includes number of billers, collectors, precertification, authorization specialists, and customer service?

HFMA April 5, 2016

Ask the Experts: ACO Staffing and Training

We are moving into an accountable care organization (ACO) model this year. What skills should we be targeting for our finance staff to ramp up for the change?

HFMA April 4, 2016

Ask the Experts: Rural Hospital Resources

I work at a rural 24-bed critical access hospital and am looking for a finance policy and procedure manual, as well as a payroll specialist job description.

HFMA February 10, 2016

Revenue Cycle: Cost Center or Strategic Asset?

“If you begin to view your revenue cycle as an asset versus overhead, you begin to make strategic investments in that asset and you begin to develop and grow that asset,” says Jeffery Hurst of Florida Hospital.

Lola Butcher November 2, 2015

Getting a Handle on Staff Turnover

A balanced approach to managing revenue cycle staff turnover—keeping overall rates low but also recognizing the need for “good” turnover—is an important factor in managing new healthcare payment models.

Kathleen B. Vega July 9, 2015

Career Services Launches New Career Strategies Series – NfN Jul2015

HFMA has three “directional” strategies within the healthcare finance industry Policies and Perspectives HFMA has taken a more assertive role in providing our points of view on solutions that drive improvement of the healthcare industry Organizational performance

HFMA June 12, 2015

Ask the Expert: Patient Access Productivity Standards

A list of patient access productivity standards for revenue cycle leaders.

HFMA October 25, 2012

Ask the Expert: Directing a Decision Support Department

How finance leaders can prepare for a technical decision support role.

HFMA October 25, 2012
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