President's Message

With the launch of a revised website, and now that we are halfway through the 2021-2022 fiscal year, I would like to look back at the last year and a half and its challenges to share with you what your leadership team accomplished and where we are headed in the upcoming year.

There were a number of events where we had to pivot and either postpone, change, cancel, or take virtual. With All-Ohio, Women in Leadership, Spring Conference, mini leadership training, New Member Reception, Accounting and Auditing, networking, Student Leadership, and Board meetings, your leadership team responded. Not only did they respond, but they also went above and beyond to continue delivering quality events and valuable education.

All-Ohio was pushed to May 19-21, 2021, and your very own Patti McFeely and John Ziegler have led the way to make sure unbelievable education was still delivered, even though it was 100% virtual. Katie Warren and the Women in Leadership Committee not only dealt with the postponement of that event but delivered 2 excellent conferences in its place; the Leadership Conference last August and an amazing Women in Leadership Conference this March. Lauree Handlon and the Membership Committee hosted an awesome virtual New Member Reception that was fun, engaging, and informative. Recently, Suzanne Griffin and the Membership Committee hosted an in-person New Member Reception that was very well attended, engaging, and buzzing with exuberant networking. Again, John Ziegler and Patti McFeely transitioned the Accounting & Auditing meeting from live to virtual and delivered one of the best, if not the best, education sessions we have ever hosted. The Student Leadership Committee also used our virtual environment to host severalnetworking events where student involvement is at an all-time high. Officers and Directors transitioned to virtual Board meetings where we have maintained incredible participation. And last but certainly not least, Ken Stoll took a virtual networking event and turned it into a Central Ohio HFMA Gives Back initiative where a “river of socks” were donated to the homeless through Columbus Relief. You can read about that amazing effort here: HFM River of Socks Article.

It is not only events where your leadership team delivered during challenging times. I would be remiss if I did not point out some critical initiatives that were not only key to our success this fiscal year but will also be key in future years. Lauree Handlon, Suzanne Griffin, Ashlee Solomon, Membership and Student Leadership Committees did an amazing job of driving membership, especially on the student membership side. Additionally, Christine Aucreman took the challenge of building out a metrics tool for the chapter to track its “Success Plan” objectives and goals. That has been critical for us to keep those goals in front of us, understand how we are truly performing as a chapter, and drive action that will truly make an impact.

As you can see, our chapter leaders work tirelessly for the good of the chapter, all while being volunteers, on top of very demanding roles in major healthcare organizations or business partner companies. I am amazed at the passion and devotion our leaders have for this chapter. They truly do care about the value and benefits we provide our members. It is my hope that every member sees the fruit of our leaders and appreciates the investment into Central Ohio HFMA.

That said, we continue building on the great leadership that has preceded us, the last year and a half being no exception. We look to build on the Success Plan metrics to commit to realistic objectives and goals that are a priority, actionable, and attainable. We have learned a ton regarding events, education, and creative engagement. As we anticipate in person events in the near future, it is understood that remote engagement will be a bigger part of our new normal. The chapter will build on those lessons to enhance events, education, and networking. As a result of virtual engagement, our world has gotten a good bit smaller, and that opens up new opportunities in many ways, including the volunteers that serve our great chapter.

I am ecstatic about what we have accomplished and am thrilled about our future. Central Ohio HFMA is the best damn chapter in the land! This is not because of where we are located, the size of our member base, etc. Plain and simple, it is because of our people! Hats off and glasses up to everyone who gives to our chapter.

James Monroe, President, HFMA of Central Ohio

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