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Artificial Intelligence for RCM: Separating Hype from Reality

In this white paper, AGS Health experts cut through the hype and set realistic expectations for the roles of both automation and AI in RCM

Rethink Lost Revenue, Realize a Better Patient Experience

Download the whitepaper to learn how hospitals and health systems can implement a proactive, best-practice program for remittance and patient care. 

How To Staff Smarter and Save Money with CareRev

This How-To guide highlights the challenges, opportunities, and solutions linked to the ongoing nurse shortages impacting the healthcare industry.

How an Automated Spend Management System Can Help Improve Your Organization’s Processes and Cut Costs

An automated, cloud-based spend management system integrates travel, expenses, invoices and CME spend for greater visibility into budgets, increased compliance, and ease of use for better employee experiences. This new level of visibility and control over spend is especially important during times of economic hardship to combat fraud and direct travelers to stay inside policy.

Using 5 facets of nonqualified incentive plans to attract, reward, and retain key talent

Privately held healthcare organizations need a creative, cash-based incentive program to stay competitive with their peers. Nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans provide a platform for organizations of all sizes to deliver these solutions.

Digitizing the procure-to-pay process helps reduce costs, improve supplier relationships

Digitizing the P2P cycle can help hospitals address pressing challenges and build sustainable financial health.

8 Capabilities to Power Your EHR

Learn how integrated patient access, intake and engagement complements─not competes with─your EHR.

Case Study: Dartmouth Health Achieves 101.6% of Cash Collection Goal Over 8-Year Partnership

This case study presents challenges Dartmouth Health faced and the solutions Conifer Health implemented to increase financial performance.

Streamline Reconciliation across the Enterprise

A growing healthcare system simplified  reconciliation across a vast network of medical practices and increased efficiency and accuracy.

Sharpen your healthcare revenue cycle in 7 steps

This eBook will help you identify the pain points for your organization. Then, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions for refining your processes, implementing change, and making the most of your healthcare RCM software.

7 Steps to Sharpen Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle
Preventing eligibility denials is key when it comes to Medicaid unwinding. Are you prepared?

A must-read for hospitals and health systems looking to improve their eligibility verification process and reduce claim denials related to eligibility issues, this ebook covers the claim denial problem, the state of eligibility solutions in healthcare, and the importance of eligibility verification in denial prevention strategies.

Lease administration: The key to reducing business risk and expenses

There is a unique opportunity to take control of your leases now that lease financials are in the forefront (due to lease accounting standards).

Visual Lease - Lease Administration - Whitepaper thumbnail
Maximizing a remote RCM workforce through technology and transparency

In this white paper, you’ll learn more about how to overcome the obstacles that are preventing RCM organizations from maximizing a work-from-home environment through technology.

Maximizing a remote RCM workforce through technology and transparency whitepaper thumbnail
The State of Claims Survey 2022

Experian Health surveyed 200 healthcare professionals, primarily in executive or management positions, who actively take part in the decision-making processes for their organizations’ claims management systems and are responsible for results. 

How to align your people strategy and business goals

As part of our Workforce Trends Report Series, the healthcare addendum highlights key findings and insights based on nearly 700 healthcare organizations that participated in our 2022 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey.

How much time are you wasting on prior auth?

Time is one of the most precious resources of all, especially in healthcare RCM. Stop wasting time on prior auth and start focusing your efforts on more revenue-generating tasks today.

Addressing the Rising Patient Payment Obligation: Impact and Strategies amid today’s challenging healthcare environment

Four recommendations to manage the challenge of growing self-pay while optimizing the patient financial experience.

Modernize the Release of Information to Reduce Overhead Costs, Ease Staffing Challenges, and Avoid Regulatory Penalties

This report explains how ChartRequest can help healthcare organizations eliminate the challenges associated with the compliant release of protected health information.

Increasing Health Equity in your Community

Download our white paper and learn how organizations can harness the potential of virtual care for greater health equity and improved access to care with embedded language services, as well as the advances in technology that are facilitating these changes.

Assura: A Net Cost Guarantee Pricing Solution

In this white paper, we will examine different payment models that are currently available in healthcare—and the importance of continuing to create new and novel approaches.

Managing the healthcare staffing crisis

We dive deep into how you can best support your team with technology in our white paper, Managing the healthcare staffing crisis: Sustainable strategies to empower patients, retain staff and drive efficiency. 

Managing Variable Costs in Healthcare: A Patient-Centric Framework

Read this e-book to understand the seven dimensions of analysis that your decision support framework should provide.

Partnering for transformation: SCP Health reduces costs by 28%

This whitepaper presents four things to think about when working with revenue cycle management partners.

Improving Patient Financial Engagement Within Rapidly Changing Regulatory Guidelines

Gain insight into the changing federal and state regulations concerning patient billing and collections and discover how payment plans​ can support both providers and their patients with our compassionate, zero interest payment plans.

Automation and Interoperability: Innovating Prior Authorization to Improve the Patient Experience

This whitepaper discusses the state of authorizations today and presents strategies to help simplify your organizations authorization process.

How to leverage population health solutions to improve patient care and reduce costs

When COVID-19 hit it made already unwieldy data management processes even more complicated. Responding to the urgent need for an efficient, effective and secure data system, Banner Health made a pivot to a health cloud. See how that decision made a dramatic impact on patient care, workflows, scalability and cost.

How Hospitals & Other Healthcare Providers Can Lighten the Financial Burden of Uncompensated Care

This eBook presents digital solutions like telehealth and insurance discovery software that can help lead the way back toward healthy financials.

Medical device management: How to rein in elusive costs

TRIMEDX recently interviewed more than 100 c-suite healthcare executives to gain valuable insight on their unique needs. This research paper shares the awareness, perceived value, and use of medical device management services by healthcare executives. 

How to Maximize your Medigap Market Share

This white paper presents three important considerations for healthcare finance leaders as they look to expand revenue streams and access a growing population of insured Medigap patients.

How Healthcare Financial Executives Can Look to Their Contract Lifecycle Management Solution to Add to Their Bottom Line

Download our whitepaper on how to use your organization’s contract lifecycle management solution to prevent lost revenue.

Healthcare Accounting Software Review

A comprehensive guide to the financial systems available for healthcare organizations. Our guide reviews the pros and cons of 5 popular options for accounting teams so you can identify which one is best for your business.

How Healthcare Organizations Are Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Cost by Automating AP Processes

In this e-book, we’ll go over how to introduce your organization to an expense and invoice management solution that works for everyone — all while saving time and money.

Financial & Clinical Success Through Activity Based Costing

This white paper presents both how and why implementing an Activity Based Costing (ABC) strategy can improve your organization’s financial and clinical performance.

What Providers Need to Know about Uncollected Patient Payments

Recent research comparing patient and provider survey responses on payment preferences.

15 real estate strategies to bolster healthcare margins amid the pandemic

Start reducing costs and recapturing profit in a fiscally challenging environment by making your real estate part of the solution.

The Meduit Healthcare AI Buyer’s Guide

This guide will help readers answer the most frequently asked questions regarding selecting a partner for artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare revenue cycle management.

Investing in AP Automation: 5 Keys for Healthcare Organizations

This white paper presents five things to think about when exploring accounts payable automation in your healthcare organization.

How Telehealth Is Shaping Strategy and Clinical Model Design

This white paper will help executives capture the telehealth strategic opportunity and maximize recent and planned investments in telehealth by redesigning clinical models.

Reimagining healthcare accounts payable: Using automation to pivot from ‘cost center’ to ‘revenue generator’

Learn how accounts payable automation has become one of the leading ways healthcare finance leaders can reduce costs and optimize spend.

Leveraging a Clinical Asset Management Solution to Optimize Capital Planning

Learn how one health system was able to save millions of dollars, implement a sustainable capital planning process and improve communication between administration and clinicians.

Supporting financial health with clinical asset reallocation

Learn how TRIMEDX brings unhindered visibility to health systems’ entire clinical  asset inventory and proactively provides actionable recommendations to uncover optimization and cost savings opportunities.

2022 Lease Accounting Market Analysis [Healthcare Edition]

In this report, we share findings from our 2021 survey of 500 senior finance and accounting professionals (excluding public companies) about ASC 842 readiness.

Trends in Hospital Outpatient Revenue Cycle Management

Conducted by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, on behalf of XIFIN, the study explored members’ practices, attitudes, outcomes, and satisfaction levels related to the outsourcing of outpatient services RCM.