Healthcare 2030

Healthcare is changing quickly and in unexpected ways. HFMA’s “Healthcare 2030” four-part series unpacks the challenges and opportunities for CFOs and other healthcare leaders created by the evolving industry, looking ahead to 2030. Volume 2 of the series focuses on four areas: restoring trust in healthcare, the next generation public health system, integrating care with coverage and reimagining the patient-caregiver relationship.

Volume 2

Part 1

Restoring Trust in Healthcare

Healthcare 2030 Vo. 2 Part 1

Featuring Niyum Gandhi, Jason Wolf, Mark Rukavina and Steven Edwards.

Part 2

The Next Generation Public Health System

Featuring Jesse Cureton, Nancy Johnson, Georges C. Benjamin and Brian Castrucci.

Part 3

Realigning Care and Coverage

Featuring Mary Jo Cagle, Arthur Southam, Nick Stefanizzi and Saurabh Tripathi.

Part 4

Reimagining The Patient-Caregiver Relationship

Featuring Cynthia Barginere, Cheryl Matejka, Steve Miff, Zeev Neuwirth and Joel Selanikio

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Volume 1

Part 3

The Future of Consumer Expectations

Featuring Tatyana Popkova, Nick Patel, Sara Vaez, Ian Morrison, Errol Weiss, Frank Cilluffo and Bradley Crotty

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‘Disruption is Real’

Featuring Mike Quinn, Danielle Solomon, Rob Gamble and Mike Morris

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Part 4

The Future of Strategic Investment

Featuring Debbie Salas-Lopez, Jennifer Mieres, Michelle Conger, Carter Dredge, Vic Gatto, Greg Hoffman, Paul Keckley, Mitchell Schwartz and Maureen Sullivan

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