Greater Heartland Past Presentations

Spring Conference

When: April 27 & 28, 2023

Hot Topics in Healthcare

When: January 23, 2023

Fall Conference

When: October 20 & 21, 2022

Summer Road Show

Spring Conference

When: May 16 & 17, 2022

Meeting Presentations & Certificate of Attendance

In support of HFMA’s efforts to minimize paper waste, become more environmentally- friendly, decrease costs, and provide the most up to date session information to all participants, meeting and session handouts will no longer be available at the meetings unless noted on the agenda.  The following information is available below for each event:

Final Agenda
Certificate of Attendance

Hot Topics Webinar

When: January 20, 2022

Speaker: Dawn Crump

Presentation coming soon | Recording

Leadership Webinar

Grant Porteous Coaching – Five Primary Drimary Drivers – The Human Operating System Diagram – Download

Grant Porteous Coaching – New Decision Matrix Chart Only – Download


Hot Topics Webinar

When: November 18, 2021
Where: Webinar

Penalty for Price Transparency Noncompliance Could Get Steep – Presentation | Recording

Leadership Webinar

When: November 17, 2021
Where: Webinar

Mentorship – Changing Lives, Jessica Yard – Presentation | Recording

Fall Conference

When: October 21 & 22, 2021

Where: Virtual Meeting

Download your Certificate of Attendance

Presentations and Recordings:

Iran Hostage Crisis 444 Days of Captivity, Rocky Sickmann – Presentation

TeleHealth and Telework Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Nobe Ableman – Presentation

Don’t Deny Your Denials: Understanding the Trends, Challenges, and How To Successfully Manage Your Complex Claims, Jason Smartt, Bradford Crawford – Presentation

Why Lawyers Can’t Be Trusted, Jay Umansky – Presentation

Driving Efficiencies and Reducing Your IT Spend, Jeff Bell, Eric Humes – Recording | Presentation

Intelligent Automation to Elevate Revenue Cycle Performance, Mike Stack, Marc Morhack – Presentation

Best In Practices in Bad Debt and Charity Recognition, Gareth Smith – Presentation

The State of Your Greatest Asset, Chris Nichols – Presentation

Volume to Value – Next Generation Compensation Models, Gabriel Andrada, Anthony Werner – Presentation

Regulatory Update Webinar Series

When: September 15 & 16, 2021

Where: Virtual Meeting

Certificate of Attendances: Click HERE

Presentations and Recordings:

Federal and State, Legislative and Regulatory Update for Missouri – Andy Wheeler, Kim Duggan, Brian Kinkade – Presentation | Recording

Regulatory and Legislative Update – Shannan Flach, Audrey Dunkel – Presentation | Recording | Flowchart

Provider Relief Fund Reporting Update – Ally Jackson, Ryan O’ Grady – Presentation | Recording

ArgosHealth Webinar

When: May 28th, 2021
Where: Virtual Meeting

Topic: ERISA Services Overview – Presentation | Recording

Spring Conference

When: April 12 & 13, 2021
Where: Virtual Conference

Flyer: View the Flyer!

Virtual Exhibit Hall: View here!

Certificate of Attendances: Download

Presentations and Recordings:

Day 1

Sean Barry – Social Determinants of Health – Presentation | Recording

Revenue Breakout: Maulik Shah, Sherri Liebl –  3 Paths to Adopting AI and Automations – Presentation | Recording

Finance Breakout: Kermit Randa, Jay Spence – 2021 Healthcare Financial Technology Trends: Survey Data From Hospital Leaders – Presentation | Recording

Revenue Cycle Leadership Panel – No Presentation | Recording

Finance Breakout: Travis Gentry, Brody Longest – Transparency: CMS Requirement, Benchmarking an Analytics – Presentation | Recording

Revenue Breakout: Aaron Lott – Executive Series: 340B Update and Overview – Presentation | Recording


Day 2

CFO Panel – No presentation | Recording

Finance Breakout: Matthew Borchardt, Curtis Mayse – Service Line Profitability – Presentation | Recording

Revenue Breakout: Deb Wierciak – CBO Hospital Liaison – Lessons Learned – Presentation | Recording

Mike Allen – Your Challenge. Our Mission. – Presentation | Recording

Revenue Breakout: PFS Panel Discussion – No Presentation | Recording

Finance Breakout: Kevin Rash – Workforce Productivity Management: Pandemic Forward – Presentation | Recording

Stephanie Hendrik – Keynote: If Not Now, When? – Presentation | Recording

Road Show Series

When: February 25th
Where: Online Webinar

Topic: Missouri Medicaid Update, Kim Duggan
Presentation: Download
Recording: Download

Topic: Provider Relief Funds: Key Updates and What You Need to Know to Successfully Report, Josh Wilks and Jennifer Boese
Presentation: Download 
Recording: Download

CommerceHealthcare Webinar

When: February 24th
Where: Online Webinar

Topic: Solving Challenges in Patient Collections

Presentation: Download
Recording: Download 

2021 Leadership Series

When: February 18th 
Where: Online Webinar

Topic: Diversity in Healthcare: Color Brave, How to Engage not Enrage, Jhaymee Tynan
Recording: Coming Soon
Presentation: No Presentation

Topic: Zoom Rooms and Beyond: Hacking the Code to Virtual Communication, Cally Christensen
Recording: Coming Soon
Presentation: Download

JBU Law Webinar

Topic: How To Maximize Recovery On Your Difficult Receivables

When: January 27, 2021
Where: Online Webinar

Webinar Recording: Download
Webinar Presentation: Download
Certificate of Attendance: Coming Soon

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