Research and Trends

HFMA regularly conducts research on the current state of healthcare financial management and emerging trends in the field.

Report: Promoting optimal allocation of nursing resources

Cultivating good working relationships between nursing and finance leaders is the key to achieving optimal nurse staffing, which in turn improves other key outcomes. HFMA teamed with the American Nurses Association and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership to develop this report, which includes five action steps for improving allocation of nursing resources. The report is also endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

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Outcomes-based staffing

Collaborative relationships between nursing and finance leaders is a prerequisite to achieving optimal allocation of nursing resources

Conference report: Social determinants of health (SDOH)

HFMA's 2019 Thought Leadership Retreat was dedicated to sharing ideas about how providers, health plans and other stakeholders can identify and implement a range of SDOH-related innovations to improve the health of individuals and communities.

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  • Plus, listen to HFMA podcast interviews with two speakers at the retreat:  Marla Weston, former CEO of the American Nurses Association, on how hospitals can address SDOH in their everyday business practices; and Nancy Johnson, CEO of El Rio Community Health Center in Tucson, on how her organization leverages technology to tackle SDOH.

Beyond boundaries

Why finding ways to address social determinants is vital to healthcare’s future

Research: Reducing the total cost of care

Have early experiments with value-based payment models reduced the total cost of care? How has industry consolidation affected the cost of care? These questions are addressed by this study, "What Is Driving Total Cost of Care? An Analysis of Factors Influencing Total Cost of Care in U.S. Healthcare Markets." It was conducted by HFMA in collaboration with Leavitt Partners and McManis Consulting, with support from the Commonwealth Fund.

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Discover the benefits of a contemporary approach to cost accounting

What is driving total cost of care?

An analysis of factors influencing total cost of care in U.S healthcare markets.

Research: Hospital mergers & acquisitions

In partnership with the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, HFMA conducted a study of more than 750 merger transactions between 2008 and 2014 to examine how M&A impacts a hospital's performance. After factoring in market and hospital characteristics, the research revealed that acquired hospitals, on average, experienced a post-transaction decline in operating margins, revenue, and expenses that typically lasted two years. Researchers identified eight strategies and business practices related to integration planning and execution that correlated with achievement of higher margins.

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Read HFMA's report, Acquisition and Affiliation Strategies
Read HFMA's environmental assessment on industry consolidation
Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions: Checklist for Success

Hospital M&A: When done well, M&A can achieve valuable outcomes

A research report from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions and HFMA.

Studies conducted by HFMA

HFMA periodically coordinates in-depth studies with healthcare finance organizations and reports the findings. Discover what hospitals and health systems are thinking about labor trends, value-based payment, revenue cycle technology, and more. 

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HFMA compensation surveys

HFMA publishes a compensation survey on 12 key healthcare finance positions, ranging from CFO to accountant. 

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HFMA key financial statistics & ratio medians

Use our collection of key hospital financial statistics and ratios—including operating margin, days in accounts receivable, and average length of stay—as benchmarks for your healthcare organization.

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