Region 10 Leadership

Chad Krcil
Regional Executive 2023-2024

Chad Is a Managing Director with BDO. He leads The National Healthcare Government Reimbursement, Reporting and Compliance Group in the Assurance Specialty Practice. Chad has over 30 years of national healthcare finance experience focused on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement strategies, including process transformation, project management, revenue management improvement implementation, and implementation of CMS regulations improvement strategies.

Chad is engaged in HFMA both on the national level as well as the local chapter level. Chad is the current Region 10 Regional Executive where he works with the Association and HFMA Region 10 leaders to promote and lead change efforts to drive HFMA’s strategies. He served as the President of the Colorado chapter for FY 2019 and 2020 and has held many volunteer roles within the chapter. He is a frequent speaker on topics focused on Medicare reimbursement strategies.


  • Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
  • Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP)
  • Fellow of HFMA (FHFMA)

Lisa Kirk
Regional Executive 2 2023-2024

In her role as Region 10’s RE 3, Lisa looks forward to meeting with the various chapter leaders and being an excellent steward between the chapters and the Association. Lisa Kirk has been a member of the Idaho Chapter of HFMA since 2009 and served as president of that chapter from 2017-2018.

Lisa is currently the Vice President of Sales for Professional Credit, an early out and debt collections company, where she manages the sales and marketing team. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys camping and snow skiing with her husband, son and daughter.  

Kelly Akkerman
Regional Executive 3 2023-2024

The REs elected for the next three years are:

2022-2023New MexicoBrad Cook
2023-2024ColoradoChad Krcil
2024-2025IdahoLisa Kirk

The REs who served Region 10 from most recent to 1991-1992:

2020-2022ArizonaTerry Brennan
2019-2020UtahChris Bruerton
2018-2019MontanaDonald Miller
2017-2018ArizonaJeff O’Malley
2016-2017ColoradoChristine Hogan-Newgren
2015-2016WyomingEd Johlman
2014-2015IdahoLuke Zarecor
2013-2014New MexicoEric Burgmaier
2012-2013UtahAlan Robinson
2011-2012MontanaJ. J. Carmody
2010-2011ArizonaDave Chohon
2009-2010.1ColoradoHal Prink
2008-2009.1WyomingRon Bach
2007-2008*IdahoMichele Marcum
2006-2007*New MexicoMichael Nunez
2005-2006*UtahMichelle Phinney
2004-2005MontanaPaul Pedersen
2003-2004ArizonaJennifer Andrew
2002-2003ColoradoKen Smith
2001-2002IdahoMarie Smith
2000-2001New MexicoBret Goebel
1999-2000UtahRandy Baker
1998-1999WyomingBill Remmich
1997-1998MontanaLee Roath
1996-1997ColoradoEllen Stewart
1995-1996ArizonaAl Charlesworth
1994-1995IdahoMike Frith
1993-1994New MexicoBob Tyk
1992-1993UtahSteve Hook
1991-1992WyomingKim Oldenburg