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"How much will I have to pay? What is included in the price? What if I have trouble paying?" Now more than ever, people are asking questions about the price of health care. They are called on to make more decisions and pay more out-of-pocket for the services they receive. They are looking for the information they need to find and pay for quality care.

Patients and other consumers are not alone in asking these questions. Employers, insurers, and public officials want to understand and get the best value for every dollar they spend.

Healthcare Dollars & Sense aims to answer these questions—to help make sense of price and value in health care.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) convenes stakeholders from across health care—hospitals, physicians, insurers, consumers, public officials, employers, and credit agencies—to improve the way we communicate about healthcare prices. Out of these efforts have come these recommendations for all stakeholders. 

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Who are we? With more than 40,000 members, the mission of HFMA is to lead the financial management of health care.

As the nation's healthcare system undergoes dramatic changes, HFMA is committed to working with other industry groups to bring clarity and transparency to the price of health care and to help consumers understand their role.