Tools to Help You Educate Patients About Their Financial Responsibilities

HFMA’s Patient Financial Communications Training Program is an online toolkit that provides revenue cycle staff with guidance for conducting sensitive financial conversations with patients. It shows patient access professionals how to communicate with patients about financial matters effectively, and with respect, in ways that enhance patient satisfaction.

This program was developed by HFMA based on their Patient Financial Communications Best Practices

Patient access professionals will learn to have critical financial conversations in various situations (e.g., newly insured patients, those with high deductible plans, uninsured patients). Discover when and how best to communicate, including on the phone, in the emergency department, and in non-emergency situations. Get tools for explaining key terms, handling questions and comments, and helping patients understand and meet their financial obligations.

HFMA's Patient Financial Communications Training Program offers benefits for both providers and patients. 

Benefits for Providers

  • Helps surface any financial concerns that patients may have early on
  • Reduces bad debt by facilitating insurance enrollment and applications for financial assistance
  • Provides constructive pathways for resolving medical accounts
  • Increases patient and employee satisfaction

 Benefits for Patients

  • Helps patients understand their financial responsibility.
  • Engages patients in the process.
  • Promotes patient satisfaction. 

Benefits for Staff Team

  • Complete training solution
  • Online, self-paced learning modules
  • Tools can be customized to your organization
  • Administrator can assign modules and tools
  • Scalable to the size of your team - train any number 




A complete training solution for sensitive financial conversations

Across care settings:

  • Advance of service, time of service, and emergency department
  • When to approach patients
  • How to handle different patient scenarios/questions
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication 
  • Regulatory issues
  • Dos and don’ts for managing sensitive conversations

For trainers

Complete online toolkit

  • User Guide covers the big picture
  • Training slide deck, easily customized to your setting
  • Sample financial policies you can adapt to your institution
  • Coaching and mentoring guide for supervisors

For staff

Scenario-based lessons to work at their own pace

  • Self-assessments to guide progress 
  • Comprehensive online resources available 24/7 for on-the-job reference
  • Job aids for quick access

The complete Patient Financial Communications Training Program is available for purchase by organizations directly from HFMA. The program can be used to train any number of learners. The more learners who participate, the more your organization can save.


 Number of learners  Price per learner
2-10  $75
11-25  $75
26-50  $75 
51-100  $70
101-200  $60
201+  $50

To schedule a demo or place an order, please contact the PFC Education Team.